4 Ways To Feature Your Music In Popular Gaming Channels

Gaming channels have been one of the fastest growing categories on YouTube. They present a new and valuable platform for artists and composers to market their music. Follow the below effective strategies to get your music featured in gaming channels. With time, these strategies can also lead to generous returns, especially when you produce music for large-scale channels.

1. Identify gaming channels on YouTube

Scour YouTube for channels that are popular within specific gaming genres. Seek out smaller channels initially, as it helps to show that your music has been placed before. Once you have established your presence as a video game composer, you can pursue bigger channels. Use the YouTube ChannelCrawler to identify suitable gaming channels by number of subscribers, total views and keywords. More and more channels are producing videos that provide gaming tips, host video game walk-throughs or unbox new games. Thus, musicians are faced with a variety of gaming video formats to score music.

2. Analyze the kind of music used in gaming channels

Music is used in gaming channels to create mood and enhance gameplay. The most important thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the gaming channel. Learn about the channel you plan on pitching to. Observe what kind of music is used: instrumentals or full songs. Additionally,  identify the genre that is mostly featured, to get an idea for your compositions. Watch a few videos uploaded to the channel, to determine if your music fits. It’s important to target only those channels that align with your music style.

3. Reach out to channel owners with a pitch

Research contact details and reach out to YouTubers with a pitch. Your pitch should include a brief artist bio, contact information and a portfolio of your work. Your portfolio can include songs, instrumentals or previous game placements. Include streaming links to completed, top-quality tracks, so that YouTubers can listen to your music on the go. Initially, offer YouTubers with royalty free use of your music in exchange for a link to your channel. Create a healthy relationship with gaming channel owners to build monetization opportunities for the future.

Note: You must own all rights to the work you are pitching.

4. Follow up with gaming channel owners

Follow up with YouTubers a couple of weeks after submitting your music. Do not spam them with the same e-mail over and over again. Ask them how you can improvise the tracks to better suit their videos. It is important to be flexible with making edits to your work to establish long-lasting business relationships. Make yourself an indispensable source for YouTubers’ music needs.

15% of all YouTube content relates to video games, according to Tubular. Video game content is one of the biggest categories on YouTube, using music from a variety of genres. Thus, follow the above strategies to get featured on gaming channels. These channels provide you with a platform to promote music to a massive and enthusiastic audience.

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