Five Useful Instagram Tips For Bands

Instagram is one of the best ways to connect with online audiences. Even though Instagram is a mainly visual platform, bands should be taking advantage of its potential. Here are five tips for getting started.

1. Make your Instagram handle relevant

Your Instagram handle should contain the name of your band so that it can easily be searched for. If your band name is “Of Monkeys and Men,” then @floridagatorgurls isn’t an appropriate account name. DJ Calvin Harris’ simple, straightforward handle @calvinharris is the perfect example.

Calvin Harris Instagram

2. Tell your story

This account is where you should chronicle the story of your band. From your first gig to your first awards show, be sure to chronicle every milestone along the way. Country/pop artist Taylor Swift posts grateful pictures of her awards.

Taylor Swift Instagram

3. Don’t use your personal account

If you already maintain a personal Instagram account, don’t just add your band to it. Having a separate account for your music will allow all of the band members to have a hand in it. Dutch band Take No Prisoners has an account specifically for the band.

Take No prisoners Instagram

4. Show behind-the-scenes

Instagram users follow accounts because they want to be clued in on the poster’s life. Keep your audience interested with behind-the-scenes pictures and snippets of new songs. Country artist Hunter Hayes often posts pictures of his music-making process.


5. Use relevant hashtags

Instagram hashtags aid users in finding relevant content. This is ideal for SEO. Heffron Drive singer Kendall Schmidt uses tags relating to his band to promote new music.

Image (1)

Instagram is the perfect platform for bands to share their music-making process. Pictures and short videos give audiences a window into the life of your band.

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