Everything You Need To Know To Create A Filming Studio At Home

For most YouTubers, vlogging is a work-from-home gig. You may film in your bedroom, a corner of the living room, or even outside. However, as your channel grows, you may find yourself wanting to create more professional-grade videos. You can do so with a home filming studio, just like the ones you favorite major YouTubers have.

Here’s everything you need to know to create a filming studio at home.

Choose a room that’s quiet and well-lit.

The first step in constructing your home studio is deciding what room to build it in. If you choose a spare bedroom with a wall right by a busy street, then your videos will be riddled with sirens and car horns in the background. If you decide to use a room with a giant tree outside the window, you may have a hard time arranging your lighting to hide the shadows.

When choosing a room for your studio, try to go for one that’s as quiet as possible. The further you can get from streets, loud air vents, and the neighbor’s barking dog, the better.

If your room is also well-lit, then you can save money on studio lighting. Make use of the natural light the room offers. However, if the natural lighting doesn’t coincide with your filming schedule, then consider hanging blackout curtains over any windows. Then, you’ll be in complete control of any light in the room.

Soundproof as much as your budget allows.

No matter how quiet the room you choose is, there will always be background noise. You can cut down on background noise by filling your studio with plush furniture and throw pillows to absorb sound. You may also consider adding a rug.

You can also build your own sound absorption panels to hang around your studio. Follow the tutorial below to make them quickly and cheaply.

Design a simple, aesthetically-pleasing backdrop.

Now that your room is ready to become a studio, it’s time to design your backdrop. What’s behind you in a video is as important as what you’re wearing. You want it to look nice but not distracting.

Design a simple, aesthetically-pleasing backdrop. You might hang a tapestry or put up shelves. Choose knickknacks, art work, etc. that fall within the same color scheme. This will be part of your channel branding.

You can also bring in a desk and chair, or whatever furniture you want to use while you’re filming. Go ahead and create a setup for the things you use in your videos, such as makeup or a video game console, as well.

Set up your equipment as if you were filming.

Next. bring in your filming equipment. Set up your camera and tripod, adjusting it to frame your studio space as if you were ready to start shooting. Make sure your camera is secure, and place any lenses you may need as you work nearby.

You should also go ahead and set up your lighting and audio equipment. Get creative with the available outlets. Bring in power strips and extension cords as needed, taking precaution of any potential trip hazards. Do your research to ensure your arrangement is safe.

Create an editing suite on the other side of the room.

You can use this room as more than just a filming studio. Behind your camera, you can bring in a desk and a chair to create an office space. Set your computer on top, and you’ve got an editing suite.

Now, you can do all your YouTube-related work in one place. Designate a certain drawer, shelf, etc. to your external hard drives and other file storage devices so they’re always on hand. Equip yourself with headphones and a mic for recording voice-over as well.

Include a charging station and equipment storage in your layout.

Your studio serves as the catch-all for everything YouTube. Therefore, you’re going to need somewhere to store everything you’re not using frequently. Set up shelves, plastic tubs, etc. to store any products or equipment you have for your videos. Keep it organized, and label everything.

You should also create a charging station for your camera batteries, lav mic, phone, etc. To DIY your own, check out the tutorial below.

Having a filming studio in your house can make your videos more professional. Follow these steps to create a filming studio at home.

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