Everything You Need To Know About YouTube’s Next Up Program

YouTube offers a lot of support to creators, and one of the best benefits you have as a YouTuber is Next Up. This program is a learning platform for up-and-coming creators. However, because it’s so in demand, this program is run as a lottery, and only winners are granted access.

Here’s everything you need to know about YouTube’s Next Up program.

Winners get to attend a virtual Creator Camp.

The main purpose of the Next Up program is the Creator Camps. Each one functions like a “crash course” in video production. Participants learn all about building a successful channel, using high-quality equipment, etc. Best of all, everything is tailored specifically for online content creators.

If you win a spot in the program, then you’ll get to virtually attend one of these camps. Not only will you get to learn a lot, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with other creators in the program. Successful creators such as Marcus Butler and and AsapSCIENCE have gone through a Creator Camp.

They also receive an equipment voucher and personalized channel advice.

Along with Creator Camp attendance, winners also receive two other major benefits. The first is an equipment voucher worth $1,000. It can be used at eligible retailers to purchase new equipment for your channel such as a camera, lights, or a tripod.

Additionally, each winner gets one-on-one advice from a dedicated channel coach. This benefit is usually only available to creators who have reached level Silver and up. Included with this is invitations to exclusive events and opportunities to work with YouTube Partners and NextUp alumni.

There are certain eligibility requirements your channel must meet to enter.

In order to apply for the NextUp program, your channel must meet a few eligibility requirements. First, you must have at least ten thousand subscribers. However, if you have more than a hundred thousand subscribers, then you’re no longer eligible because the program is designed for up-and-coming creators.

Likewise, your channel must be part of the YouTube Partner Program, and your account must be in good standing. This means you can’t have any strikes on your channel. Finally, you must have uploaded at least three original videos in the past ninety days.

The Next Up program is a great way to level up as a creator. You can find the applications for upcoming programs here.

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