Everything You Need To Know About The YouTube Shorts Fund

With the rollout of YouTube Shorts, many creators have been wondering how they can monetize this new video format. In response, the platform created the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100 million fund that will be distributed to creators over the next two years. This new monetization gesture is different from the way long-form content is monetized on YouTube.

Here’s everything you need to know about the YouTube Shorts Fund.

Every creator on the platform is eligible.

Typically, to monetize your content, your channel has to meet a strict set of eligibility requirements. In order to join the YouTube Partner Program, your channel has to have a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time. However, for the Shorts Fund, this isn’t the case.

The YouTube Shorts Fund only has one eligibility requirement: you have to create original content that viewers across the platform love. You don’t have to be part of the YouTube Partner Program, nor does your channel have to meet its requirements for monetization. The Shorts Fund is open to each and every creator.

YouTube will reach out to creators about the fund directly.

So far, there’s not a way to apply for the YouTube Shorts Fund directly. Creators can’t enroll themselves in the fund or request an invitation. The only way to join the fund is through a direct invitation from YouTube.

YouTube will distribute the money from the Shorts Fund on a rolling basis. The platform will reward the creators who’ve received the highest numbers of views and the highest levels of engagement on their Shorts. They plan to reach out to thousands of creators every month.

To prepare for the fund’s launch, keep creating great content.

YouTube will share more information regarding the YouTube Shorts Fund over the next few months. The launch date hasn’t been announced yet, but the platform is already entering preparation mode. As a content creator, you should start preparing for the fund’s launch as well.

The best way you can prepare is to keep uploading great content. Use this time to become a pro at creating engaging Shorts with wide audience appeal. Focusing on growing your audience with Shorts so that your channel will be on YouTube’s radar.

The YouTube Shorts Fund is a great opportunity for creators of all sizes to monetize their content. Start preparing for the fund’s launch by creating fun, engaging Shorts.

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