5 Ways To Really Connect With Your Subscribers

Social media blurs the lines between fans and friends. It’s so easy to connect with the people who watch your videos, but with so many ways to reach them, it can be a challenge to figure out which strategies work best. However, what you may not realize is that you can take connecting with your subscribers beyond retweeting and liking posts.

Here are five ways to really connect with your subscribers.

1. Participate in any group chats your fans add you to.

The most diehard YouTube fans love to create group chats on Twitter, Instagram, etc. These group chats often center around a certain YouTuber they all love, and that YouTuber just might be you!

When your fans add you to a group chat, don’t turn off its notifications. Check in with them occasionally and reply every once in a while. Talk to these fans like you would to your friends. You can even bounce video ideas off of them!

2. Create a private Facebook group just for your fans.

Facebook groups help connect people who haven’t added each other as friends. You can create a private group exclusively for your subscribers. This will give you a good place to connect with them directly.

Besides video links, you can use this Facebook group to create polls, share behind-the-scenes pictures, and answer comments and questions. Better yet, your viewers will be able to connect with fellow fans.

Here’s a video to help you increase engagement in your new Facebook group.

3. Hold early morning or late night live streams.

Most YouTubers who go live have a set time and date for their streams. Their viewers know well in advance to clear their schedules. Even casual viewers can set aside time if they want to watch.

However, you can also connect with your most loyal subscribers through unscheduled live streams. If they have your post notifications turned on, then your viewers will be alerted as soon as you start streaming, no matter the time of day.

Up-and-coming vlogger Ally Hardesty often does live streams early before class or late at night before bed.

4. Create a secondary vlogging channel.

Your main channel content is the polished, professional version of your YouTube self that you put out on the internet. However, your dedicated fans also want to see the side of you that the camera doesn’t normally get to see.

Daily vlogging is the best way to share your personal life with your subscribers. Many content creators create secondary channels on which they post daily video diaries. These videos help their fans feel like an important part of their favorite creators’ daily lives.

Colleen Ballinger, the creator behind Miranda Sings, has three YouTube channels. Her vlog channel is her most personal and her most frequently updated.

5. Provide them with exclusive content through Patreon.

More and more content creators are using Patreon to connect with their subscribers. Fans can become patrons, who earn exclusive rewards by supporting their favorite online creators.

You can share unedited videos, ideas, and other behind-the-scenes things with your Patreon audience. You can also give them access to a private email address or follow them on social media in order to connect with them on a more personal level.

Be sure to introduce your plans for Patreon on your YouTube channel.

Connecting with your subscribers is one of the best things about being a YouTuber. Use these methods to make meaningful connections with the people who make your job amazing.

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