Every Music Fan Should Be Listening To Kendra Erika’s “Self Control”

South Florida-based artist Kendra Erika just hit number one on the Billboard Dance Charts with her hit single “Self Control.” Her success is crowned with a stellar music video that just dropped.

Kendra Erika’s “Self Control” music video was just released on YouTube.

The video’s immersive, immersive visuals pull the viewer into Kendra’s state of mind. The story line is simply yet captivating. She can’t resist the video’s leading man anymore than listeners can resist the song’s infectious beats.

This isn’t Kendra’s first time in the top ten. In fact, “Self Control” is her third top ten hit in under ten years.

Kendra Erika knows how to reinvent classic material into something new and fresh.

Though the majority of Kendra’s music is original, she loves to pay homage to her favorite artists of the past. Her version of “Self Control” is a remake of the 80’s dance hit by Laura Branigan to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the original release.

Nostalgia is an essential part of Kendra’s approach to music. The classic Bond girl image inspired two of her previous hits, “Miami Love” and “Hustler.”

She uses her music to give back to her community.

Kendra Erika isn’t the kind of artist to use her talents exclusively for her own benefit. She’s used her skills and influence to perform and advocate for many charities on both a local and national level.

Most notably, Kendra uses her music to reach out to young women and the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, in 2017, the Florida Youth Pride Coalition awarded her the Icon Award.

Kendra Erika’s unique music style as well as her heart make her stand out from so many of today’s top dance artists. She is inspiring as both a talented performer and an incredible person. Every music fan should be following along on her journey to superstardom.

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