Dropping a Mixtape

Mixtapes, also known as street albums, are fully original single-artist projects that include covers, beats, mashups, remixes, and anything else a fan would like to hear.

While albums are made to move units and sell singles, a mixtape is often given away for free. The purpose of a mixtape is to attract new fans, keep old fans engaged, gain more traction on social media, show off range of music range, and collaborations with other artists. A mixtape is a lot less structured than an album and moves an artist’s career forward while an album’s purpose is to make sales.

In the hiphop and rap genre, a mixtape has been used to expand an artist’s fan base, and are now catching on in other genres. Dropping a mixtape is a great way to show fans that you’re still making music and to get feedback on music you’re still experimenting with. If you haven’t released any music recently consider going back and throwing together a mixtape with your old pieces and songs.

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