Do This To Make The Algorithm Love Your Videos

Many creators know that any video’s popularity can be bolstered or destroyed by YouTube’s video ranking algorithm. Though the platform keeps its specific algorithm a secret, vloggers have discovered certain practices that help them gain favor with it.

In order to make the algorithm love your videos, try doing the things below.

Upload at the same time on the same day every week.

The algorithm loves consistency, so your upload schedule should be your very best friend. Upload your videos on the same day every week. You should also do everything in your power to upload them around the same time of day.

If you’re concerned about keeping up with a strict upload schedule, then you should consider scheduling your uploads. When you upload the video file, set it to private then schedule when it will go live to the public.

Make your videos at least ten minutes long.

Over the last few years, many vloggers have found that longer content performs better than shorter videos do. Instead of quick, daily videos, viewers often seem to prefer longer, more in-depth content, even if it means fewer videos a week.

The sweet spot many creators try to hit is right around ten minutes. Many of the top creators, such as the Try Guys or Jenna Marbles, aim for closer to fifteen or twenty minutes. Depending on the type of video you’re creating, an even longer video might do well, such as Shane Dawson’s viral hour-long documentaries.

Focus on advertiser-friendly content.

Content that doesn’t meet YouTube’s advertiser-friendly guidelines rarely makes it to the trending page. If your video is full of inappropriate language, discusses controversial issues, etc., then it isn’t likely to be promoted to many viewers.

Basically, if YouTube won’t run ads on it, then the platform gains nothing from promoting it. If you want your content to be promoted to every potential viewer, then it needs to be suitable for every potential viewer. You can find the full list of what is and isn’t advertiser-friendly here.

Organize your videos into playlists.

At first, you may think playlists are unimportant. If a viewer likes a certain kind of video, can’t they just search for them? However, what you may not realize is that YouTube’s algorithm treats playlists as if they were videos. Therefore, your videos will be promoted both as individual pieces of content and as part of a playlist.

Playlists are also amazing because they keep viewers on your channel, which is something else the algorithm loves. The more time a viewer spends on your channel, the more of your videos the algorithm will show them in the future.

Share video links on social media so viewers start their session on your channel.

Not only does the algorithm love for viewers to stay on your channel, but it also loves when they start there. Direct more viewers to your channel by sharing video links on your social media.

You can tweet the links or post them on your channel’s Facebook page. You might also share them on your Instagram story or as part of a caption. You should also put your direct channel link in all of your social media bios.

Incorporate keywords into your title and description.

Keywords help the algorithm know what your video is about. It can’t pull from the audio in your video, so the more text you can write, the more it has to work with.

Put keywords as close to the front of your video title as possible. Keep the title short and to the point as well. There’s plenty more room for keywords in your video description. Write a few sentences describing the content of your video. You might also include a short paragraph describing your channel as a whole.

Making content viewers love is at the heart of every successful YouTube career, but finding favor with the video ranking algorithm can help you reach those viewers faster. Keep a consistent upload schedule, promote your videos with direct links and playlists, and use as many keywords as possible.

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