Do These 3 Things To Help Your Channel Bounce Back After A Dip In Views

No matter how successful you are on YouTube, you’re bound to experience a dip in views. Seeing a lower view count doesn’t mean you’re a failure; it’s something every creator will experience at least once. However, there are plenty of strategies you can utilize to get your view count back up and keep your channel growing.

Here are a few things you should do to help your channel bounce back after a dip in views.

1. Rethink your upload schedule.

An inconsistent upload schedule can be detrimental to your channel’s reach on the platform. YouTube’s video ranking algorithm values consistency in regards to your upload schedule. Therefore, it’s important to upload your videos at the same time on the same day every week.

However, if your current upload schedule isn’t working for your channel, then it might be time to rework it. Consider picking a new upload day, especially if your previous uploads have been inconsistent. Be sure to communicate any changes in your upload schedule to your viewers.

2. Use polls and community posts to get your subscribers involved in the creation of your videos.

Audience engagement is a key factor in your channel’s success. In order to increase your audience engagement, you’ll need to increase the amount of effort you put into engaging with your audience. Your community tab is the best place to start.

Make posts on your community tabs to collect ideas, suggestions, and feedback from your audience. Ask them what they’d like to see you do on your channel, who they’d like you to collaborate with, etc. To get more specific, create polls so they can vote on your next video idea, what series you should start, etc.

3. Find out what demographic you’re reaching and tailor your content to suit them.

Your audience demographic may have changed without you realizing it. If you’re creating videos with a different audience in mind, then your subscribers may be scrolling right past your uploads. Therefore, you should go back and reassess your audience demographics.

You can find this data in your Channel Analytics. Click on “Advanced mode” in the top right corner to access a more detailed dive into what kind of people are watching your viewers. Use this data to get an idea of who your average viewer is. Then, tailor your content to appeal to them.

A dip in views is an opportunity to reassess your approach to content creation and try something new. Consider what changes — whether big or small — could help you both appeal to your current subscribers and reach new viewers.

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