How Desi Perkins Thrives on YouTube

Desi Perkins has more than two million followers on YouTube; more than two million people regularly visit her channel seeking guidance in regards to makeup, special effects makeup, and hair. Viewers are drawn in by her cosmetic prowess and infectious personality.

YouTubers can learn a lot from Desi Perkins. Here are a few tips:

1. Utilize other platforms.

Desi worked hard to cultivate a strong Instagram following before she even created her YouTube account; in fact, by the time she started YouTubing, she was already “Instagram famous.”

Do not be afraid to use other channels to create your brand and promote yourself and your art.

2. Don’t try to compete.

One of Desi’s best friends is a fellow YouTuber named Katy DeGroot (her YouTube handle is LustreLux). She is not intimidated by the success of her fellow YouTubers, even the ones who create similar videos; she just focuses on her own videos and her own art.

When cultivating your YouTube presence, don’t try to compete. Do not worry about what other YouTubers are doing and simply focus on your own work.

3. Interact with your fans.

Desi has made several “getting to know me” videos and Q&A videos. She always interacts with her fans and answers their questions.

As your popularity grows, be grateful for the people who have supported you; always try to take the time to interact with those who follow and support you.

Desi Perkins has become extremely successful, primarily through YouTube. Her use of YouTube as an artistic medium is something every YouTuber can learn from.

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