How To Create The Best Set List

Leave your show in good hands by planning a superb set list. No matter how strong you rock out, or belt those high notes, a boring set list could ruin your show. Remember these tips the next time you plan a live show.

Cater To The Audience AND Venue: If you’re playing for a company party, keep your songs appropriate. If you’re playing to a standing audience, keep the crowd moving. Perform slow ballads where people are sitting – and play a dance song or two. Keep the setting in mind when planning an awesome show.

Prepare Some “Surprises”: Live shows are a great place to treat an audience. Prepare some unreleased tracks specifically to drop during your set. People want to see your album songs but everyone will be talking about your surprise single. Make some room for spontaneity and keep your set sounding fresh.

Bump The Energy By Planning: Don’t fall into a monotone set by playing similar songs back-to-back. People want variety and color in a performance. Mix things up with a seamless flow. Your set can tell an exciting story when it moves from sad songs to furious melodies.

Deck out your set list and leave audiences with a show they’ll never forget.

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Kathy Nguyen is a digital artist, aspiring entertainment professional, and lover of live music. You can find her tweeting her playlists, youtube-ing documentaries, and getting lost in your neighborhood.