How This Channel Became the Face of YouTube Comedy

Started in December 1999, CollegeHumor is a website and YouTube channel that posts comedic content. Winning multiple awards, the website is one of the most popular comedy sites on the internet, while their YouTube channel has reached over 11 million subscribers. But how did these comedians become so successful on the web?

Here are some reasons for their success.

1. Their videos are short and funny.

CollegeHumor videos on YouTube are typically very short, usually under three minutes in length. This means that they give their viewers a lot of funny content in a short amount of time, leading the viewers wanting to watch more.

Clicking on a single three-minute video could turn into watching videos for hours.

2. They post a lot of original content.

Viewers of CollegeHumor always know they will be able to get something new nearly every day. CollegeHumor posts multiple videos a week, giving viewers a lot to watch and look forward to.

Not only do they post a lot, but their videos are always original and always bring a smile to the viewer’s face.

3. The team members have grown their own followings.

Though the videos are all CollegeHumor, the viewers can fall in love with the actors in the videos easily. This leads to shows that come out of the overall show. These include “Jake and Amir,” “Hardly Working,” and “Hot Date.” These mini shows have a viewing of their own.

CollegeHumor constantly puts out extremely funny content that will keep the viewers wanting more. They do this by keeping their videos short, posting often, always posting unique content, and by getting the viewers to fall in love with individual characters.

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Patrick Jahnke is a college student at Wabash College. He hopes to be a writer and professor after he graduates.