How Bruno Mars Sold Over 100 Million Albums Worldwide

After first coming to fame in 2010, Bruno Mars has released an onslaught of chart-topping singles, reaching five number one singles faster than any artist since Elvis. He has won five Grammys and is one of the best-selling artists of all time. But how did he make it to the top?

Here are a few reasons why people like Bruno Mars so much.

1. His lyrics resonate with his fans.

Bruno Mars not only writes his own lyrics, but his lyrics also resonate with his fans. He has a lot of truly heartfelt songs that fans adore and can compare their own lives too.

2. His style is simple and classic.

In an era when musicians are dressing up as extravagantly as they can, Bruno Mars keeps his clothing classic. He typically wears dress clothes accompanied with his fedora.

The style resonates with the classic Motown look that people still have a love for.

3. He performs with a live band.

Keeping with the classic music style, Bruno Mars is accompanied by his band The Hooligans. Though he is more well known, the band is as much part of his success as he is.

People love seeing the whole band perform.

Bruno Mars reached the top by keeping things classic. He writes his own songs, which are heartfelt, wears dress clothes, and performs with a band. These are things seen in old school music, and he brought them back to perfection.

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