5 Useful Blogger Outreach Strategies To Promote YouTube Videos

Blogger outreach is the video promotion tool that you might not have thought of yet.

Imagine that five popular bloggers with an average of 20,000 subscribers each feature your YouTube video in their blogs. Then, if 5% of each blogs’ readership watch your YouTube video, you will receive 5000 views almost instantly!

Now apply this concept to the hundreds of popular blogs that each have thousands of subscribers. Blogger outreach is a great way to leverage influencers who have substantial followings to spread the word about your YouTube videos.

Here are five effective strategies to get noticed by popular bloggers.

Blogger outreach strategies

1. Set blogger outreach goals

Begin with the end in mind. Set acheiveable goals for how many bloggers you will reach, how many videos you will get featured, etc.  Determine what you want to acoomplish so that you can work towards these goals.

Here are a few example goals that you may set: 

  • Expand the brand presence of your YouTube channel to five new outlets.
  • Increase monthly channel engagement by 20%.
  • Generate three leads.
  • Foster strong relationships with five bloggers.
  • Drive the blog’s readership to your channel.

2. Research relevant bloggers

Bloggers love to feature their content-creating friends. In order to get your videos featured on a popular blog, you must be the kind of person whom the blogger can feel close to. This is why it’s best to research bloggers whose content is relevant to your own. For example, if you produce makeup tutorials, then befriending a beauty blogger will be better for your channel in the long run than befriending a parenting blogger would be.

Follow these steps to determine which bloggers are the best fit for your channel:

Step 1: Create a list of popular blogs within your niche. 

Here’s how to find popular blogs in your niche area.

  • Perform a Google search.
  • Identify bloggers who are following your YouTube channel and other social media.
  • Join a blog network, forum, or discussion board.
  • Search relevant hashtags on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Attend blogger conferences and conventions.

Step 2: Check out the content the bloggers share

Visit the blogs that you listed in your spreadsheet.>. Write down what kind of outside content and third party posts they share.

Step 3: Create content on similar topics

Now that you know what kind of content these bloggers like to share, you should create content on similar topics. Your next video, however, must be exceptional in order to catch the bloggers’ attention. They have hundreds of tweets, messages, and emails flooding in every single day. Make sure that your content stands out.

3. Develop good relationships with the bloggers

Having good relationships with the bloggers you work with will make them much more likely to share your videos. No matter how amazing your video is, if you’re pushy or antagonistic, no blogger will be willing to share your content.

Follow these tips to develop good relationships with the bloggers you work with:

  • Send courteous emails

Reach out to bloggers via email to initiate a friendship. Tell them about a post of theirs you enjoyed. Add to a discussion they are involved in on social media. Mention how often you share their content with your network.

  • Offer something valuable

The best way to stand out is to make bloggers an offr that aligns with theor own goals. For example, you could author a guest post, provide expert information, give bloggers a shout out in your YouTube videos, or direct your channel’s traffic to the bloggers’ posts with a call to action. 

4. Reach out

This is the most important step in the blogger outreach process.

Follow these tips to craft the perfect email pitch:

  • Write a stellar email subject line so that your message won’t blend in.
  • Address the recipient by name to make the pitch seem exclusive.
  • Begin your email with a brief compliment.
  • Get straight to the point about what you want.
  • Keep the pitch short and simple.
  • Practice professional email etiquette.
  • Follow-up a week later.

5. Measure your blogger outreach success

It’s important to measure the ROI of each and every marketing effort, especially your blogger outreach efforts. 

Here are the indicators you should measure every time a blog features your videos:

  • Engagement: Check for a spike in the number of comments on your videos.
  • Views: Look for a steady increase in the number of YouTube views.
  • Shares: See if there is a sudden increase in the number of shares.
  • Lead generation: Make notice of any increase in enquiries and sales after your video is featured on popular blogs.

Measure blogger outreach effectiveness to analyze how your video performed in order to determine what’s most effective for your videos.

Blogger outreach is vital to your YouTube video promotion efforts. Building a strong circle of bloggers will advance your promotion goals.

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Kristen Harris enjoys listening to a wide range of music, from Taylor Swift to, on occasion, Celtic instrumental. She also spends her time writing, reading, and baking.