5 Amazing Lyric Videos And What You Can Learn From Them

Lyric videos are great to enhance your YouTube presence. They are much easier to produce and cost lesser than a traditional music video.

Armed with a unique idea, you can get incredible online traction with a lyric video.

Below are five amazing lyric videos you can use as inspiration:

1. Atlas – The Crxssing


A simple lyric video can be very effective to introduce your music to fans. A simple backdrop that ties into your music will work wonders. Your lyric video should be easy to comprehend. A noisy backdrop can be hard on the viewers’ eyes. Like the above example, incorporate simplistic backdrops to make wonderful lyric videos.

2. Birthday – Katy Perry


Your lyric videos can be a lot more elaborate if you can afford it. Like the above video, you can adopt a theme that blends with your music. The lyric video for “Birthday” contains a vast range of sugary treats. The lyrics are written on cakes, cupcakes, with candles, confetti and ribbons. As you can see, the set up is very elaborate and would require a lot of planning. Lyric videos that are visually rich, like this one, can guarantee thousands of views.

3. Don’t Stop – 5 Seconds of Summer


The band has executed the lyric video for Don’t Stop in the form of a comic book. The lyric video pictures the band members as superheroes. The video is very visually appealing and provides a fun viewing experience. Animation is very popular among viewers. If you have the resources, you should definitely consider animating your lyric videos.

4. These Colors Don’t Run – Architects


Use graphics that perfectly blend with lyrics. The Architects have nailed their lyric video for These Colors Don’t Run. The band has used visuals that perfectly convey the message of the song. Each verse is supplemented with a suitable visual, making the video look like an informative documentary. The band has also incorporated simple typography that works seamlessly with the graphics in the video. This is a great idea to keep viewers hooked. You don’t need extensive footage for producing similar lyric videos. You can use screen grabs and easily available footage. However, adhere to copyright laws when pulling out footage owned by others.

5. Never Been In Love – Cobra Starship


In the above lyric video, the artists have light painted the lyrics around New York City using a Pixelstick. Stop-motion techniques and hyper-lapse shots have also been used in making the video. You can see the words interacting with their environments and bringing the lyric video to life. Although, this is a brilliant idea, it requires a lot of technical skills. This is something you can achieve by hiring a director, professional photographer and an illustrator. However, it never hurts to try it on your own. All you need is a decent DSLR camera, a glow stick or a torch (if you cannot afford a Pixelstick) and a lot of imagination to create stellar lyric videos.

Lyric videos, today, have transcended their sole purpose to display a song’s lyrics. They are used as a means to create buzz for upcoming official releases. Take a look at the above lyric videos for some inspiration.

Katy Perry lyric videos

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