The Best Ways To Pick and Choose A New Band Member

Finding the right addition to your band takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. This new band member should be on par with your musical style and vision, and obviously get along well with everyone else. Here are some quick pointers to jumpstart your search!

Part 1: How To Find A New Band Member

By Michelle Nguyen

1. Post online ads

When you post an online ad, make sure you specify your music genre and artists you sound similar to and include a link to your band’s websites and songs. When they contact you, make sure they familiarize themselves with your music style, before auditioning. Go on sites like eBay Classifieds,,,, etc.

2. Ask for Referrals

Ask your fellow musicians, music managers, or record producers for referrals. Use your connections. Often, you can gain a better idea of a potential band mate from a mutual friend or person you can trust. This is a safer way than finding someone online.

3. Go to Local Shows

Sometimes, you can recruit a band member who is already in another band. This was how Nirvana found drummer Dave Grohl, for example. They were impressed when they saw him live. Then, fortunately for them, the band Grohl was in broke up soon after and he switched over. Although you should not try to break up a band, you can still invite one of their members to jam or play a show with you.

Overall, it comes down to who makes the right fit for you and your music. You may find yourself swapping members a lot, before you find people who work well together.

Part 2. Things You Should Be Looking For In Awesome Band Mates

By Vivien Bui

Musicians are required to work with a variety of people: producers, venue managers, and fans. However, the most important people that musicians need to interact with are the people they make music with regularly – their band mates. Here are some things you should be asking yourself about a new (or existing) bandmate.

Are They Reliable?

You’re going to want to be able to trust that someone will show up for rehearsals and gigs. You’re going to want someone who will show up with his/her parts learned. Look for someone who you can trust to help your band and move it forward rather than hinder you. Likewise, lead by example and pull your weight in the group effort. It doesn’t matter how talented you are if you don’t actually show up – and bust out your music chops.

Are They A One Trick Pony?

Versatility is the best trait that a musician can have. Not only do you want someone who will stick around when plans change, but you want a musically versatile band member as well. Look for people who have a diverse background in music training and who have been trained in different ways. Why have a blues guitarist or a rock guitarist when you can have benefit from both? Of course excelling in one skill is totally fine, however make sure your band mate has room to grow.

How Important is Group Dynamic?

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with these people. Talent isn’t as useful when you work poorly with someone. Musical chemistry is important, but realistically you won’t be playing music every single second. Working in a band is a journey and you need someone that you can share the road with.

While your band can be renown for your impeccable skill and creativity, the best bands share a bond that is akin to family. When looking for band members, prioritize values that aren’t easily replaceable.

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Michelle Nguyen is a creative writer whose passions include music, sports, health, and wellness. She loves playing drums and bass guitar, as well as swimming. If she indirectly helps you write the next “Stairway to Heaven,” she will be very happy.

Vivien Bui is a musician and writer. She enjoys going to concerts, writing at night, and sitting in a coffee shop with a good book.

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