Before You Test A New Video Format, Do These 3 Things

Trying new video formats is a great way to grow your channel and broaden your horizons. However, it’s important that you choose ones that will appeal to your current audience as well. If you were to upload a cake decorating video on a gaming channel, then you’d risk alienating a lot of your current subscribers.

Before you test a new video format, make sure to do these three things.

1. Research recent examples and see how well they’ve performed.

When deciding which new video format to test out, you should try to choose one that’s currently popular or one that’s working well for other creators. A video style that was popular five years ago or even one year ago might not bring in many viewers at all now.

Therefore, you need to research how the video format you’re thinking about testing is currently performing. Find recent examples from other creators and look at their view counts. Compare that number to view counts on other videos on their channels. If you can’t find any recent examples, then that format is probably outdated.

2. Create a script or outline to guide you.

Before you move forward with your new video format, you should create a script or outline to guide you. Write out the beats you want to hit, the points you want to make, or the topics you want to cover. Refine and organize them until you’re satisfied.

You might also consider creating a shot list. Write out the camera angles and shots you want to get and the order you want them to appear in your video. You can even specify what equipment you need for each shot, such as cutting between your vlogging camera and a drone.

3. Let your viewers know you’ll be trying something new.

Your viewers might feel thrown for a loop if you don’t loop them in on the plans you have for your next video. On Twitter or your community tab, tease the fact that you’ll be trying something new on your channel. You can even share sneak peaks on your Instagram story or on TikTok.

After your video goes live, encourage your viewers to share their honest feedback in the comments. That way, you’ll know if it’s something you should keep doing. They might even suggest more ideas for you to film in this new format in the future!

Before you test a new video format on your channel, research how well it’s performing for other creators. Then, create script to guide you, and be sure to keep your audience in the loop about the changes coming to your channel.

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