7 Advanced Tips For Promoting Your YouTube Videos

With all the recent changes to YouTube’s ranking algorithm, promoting your videos is now more important than ever. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “work smarter, not harder.” You don’t need to make promoting your videos a full-time job. Rather, all you need is a few clever strategies for your video marketing plan.

Here are seven advanced tips for promoting your YouTube videos.

1. Incentivize followers who spread your content on social media.

People love to get attention on social media. When it comes to promoting your videos online, shoutouts and follows will be your best friend. Retweet, comment, like, and follow when your viewers share your video links. Not only is interacting with your followers fun, but it also spreads your videos to their followers as well.

After sharing his latest video on Twitter, British YouTube sensation Phil Lester spends a few minutes replying to fans who retweet the link.

2. Shoutout subscribers who are the first to watch your new videos.

Another way to incentivize your viewers with attention is to give shoutouts in your new videos. You can take screenshots of the first comments on your latest video and feature them in the call-to-action of your next video.

NataliesOutlet encourages her viewers to turn on post notifications so they can be the first to comment “#natificationsquad.” A fan who’s there within the first thirty minutes gets a shoutout in her next video.

3. Share short clips of your longer videos to your Facebook page.

Facebook is a great place to promote your videos to an older demographic. Think of the kind of content that goes viral on Facebook. It’s often short videos and popular memes.

Adjust clips of your videos to fit with the expectations of Facebook’s audience. Share these clips to your page alongside the link to the full video so new fans can see more. You can also encourage your Facebook fans to tag their friends in the comments below each new video.

4. Dedicate an entire week to collaboration videos in order to reach new audiences.

Collabing with other YouTubers helps you reach new viewers. By posting videos together on each other’s channels, everyone gets to promote his or her content to an entirely new audience.

You can make the most out of collaboration through an entire week of collab videos. This fun project will get your viewers excited and engaged. You’ll also get your name in front of seven channels’ worth of potential new subscribers.

5. Use polls to find out what your audience wants from you.

Polls are used to measure public opinion when it comes to politics, products, and everything in between. So, why not poll your audience to see how you measure up? Ask them about potential video topics, upcoming collabs, and changes to your upload schedule.

YouTube makes it easy to poll your audience with poll cards in videos and polls on the community tab. You can also create polls on your Instagram story or your Twitter.

6. Match your keywords to trending topics.

Trending topics are the things that everyone’s searching for. Therefore, if you want to drive a lot of traffic to your new videos, then these are the words you should be using in your titles, tags and description.

Make sure your keywords match up with the video you’re creating. For example, if you upload a video about the iPhone X, then, in the video description, you may write, “I tested out the new Apple iPhone X Face ID, inspired by videos created by the Dolan Twins and beauty vlogger James Charles.” Then, anyone who searches for “iPhone X,” “Apple,” Face ID,” “Dolan Twins,” or “James Charles” will be likely to find your video.

7. Be consistent with your upload schedule.

The YouTube algorithm is designed to favor channels that upload longer content on a consistent basis. So, if you stick to your upload schedule and post new videos often, YouTube will do some video promotion for you automatically.

Challenge yourself to stick to the upload schedule you’ve already set. Don’t let yourself get sidetracked when it comes to updating your channel. Plan ahead by prefilming several videos so you don’t have to worry when you get too busy.

YouTube video promotion is essential for growing your channel. Incorporate these tips into your content marketing strategy for a boost in your YouTube success.

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