6 Important Lessons From Leading YouTubers

Promolta has promoted over 100,000 creators since 2012 and we know about what works and doesn’t work on YouTube.

Here are 6 important lessons for creators.

1. Believe in yourself

The more confident you are, the more viewers you will attract. Confidence mainly comes from practice and past success. Thus, release A LOT of videos and celebrate small wins.

2. Think about virality

Virality is not accidental, it’s created. You should specifically think about what will make MORE people share your videos. Some factors which increase virality include humor, usefulness, shock, excitement, or awe.

3. Don’t listen to others

You should always follow YOUR gut instinct. Many people will try to give you suggestions but they usually have their own agendas. Thus, the best person to listen to is you.

4. Create shorter videos

Most viral videos are under 3 minutes. Every second that you add after 3 minutes will decrease your virality. Thus, try to create shorter videos.

5. Plan for the long haul

YouTube takes a long time. For every celebrity who blew up overnight, that night took 5-10 years. These things just take time. Don’t be discouraged if your success is not instant. Celebrate the small wins and achievements along the way. If your viewers and subs are growing, you’re on the right path.

6. Study older viral videos

There are many folks who got famous by applying lessons from past entertainers. You can learn so much by studying older viral videos and creators. They will never explicitly tell you what to do … but you can SEE what they actually did. Thus, study older viral videos and pull out some lessons.

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