5 Ways To Save Your Channel From Demonetization

As the number of successful content creators increases, so do the rules policing video monetization. Qualifying for monetization doesn’t protect your individual videos or even your entire channel from having its ad revenue dropped.

If your channel or a certain video is demonetized, here’s what you can do next.

1. Increase your efforts in alternative streams of revenue.

Plenty of people talk about having side hustles, but as a content creator, your income depends solely on a collection of side hustles. Aside from your channel, you should establish several other streams of revenue, such as sponsored posts, an online store, a podcast, or live performances.

In the event your channel is demonetized, increase the effort you’re putting into these other projects. Use the money you earn from your alternative streams of revenue to float yourself until you can get your channel’s monetization back.

2. Review the reasons your channel was demonetized.

YouTube published a detailed description of content it deems not advertiser-friendly. This includes inappropriate language, harmful or dangerous acts, violence, drug-related content, hateful content, and controversial issues. You can find the full list here.

When your channel or video is demonetized, first check to see the platform’s reasoning behind it, because there may be simple changes you can make to get your monetization turned back on. For example, if your video was demonetized for having profane language in the title, you could easily censor it or remove the words altogether.

3. Consider any edits you could make before reuploading.

Getting a certain video monetized again may require taking it down, editing it, and reuploading it. For example, while YouTube’s monetization guidelines state that video game violence is generally acceptable, it clarifies that “montages where gratuitous violence is the focal point” are not advertiser-friendly. Therefore, you may edit some scenes out of your demonetized Let’s Play video and then have no trouble getting it monetized the second time around.

If you keep getting videos demonetized for similar reasons, consider what permanent changes you can make to better comply with the guidelines. For example, Mykie from Glam & Gore often struggles with having her horror SFX makeup tutorials demonetized. However, she found that blurring the images in her video thumbnails helped protect them from demonetization.

4. If your channel was demonetized for more serious reasons, reconsider the type of content you’re making.

Recently, YouTube has been cracking down on channels that promote hate, conspiracy theories, and other harmful content. The platform’s monetization guidelines also challenge channels that focus on defamation and shaming individuals or groups.

If you’ve fallen into creating this type of content, take a step back and reconsider what you’re creating. How could you shift to sharing what you love instead of focusing on what you hate?

YouTube has a responsibility to protect its users. The viewers will always be the platform’s number one priority. Therefore, as a creator, complying with YouTube’s guidelines should be a top priority for you as well.

5. If your channel or video was wrongly demonetized, you can appeal the decision for human review.

Like all technology, YouTube’s content review system isn’t perfect. It doesn’t always catch videos that should be demonetized, similar to the way it sometimes demonetizes videos that don’t break any of the rules. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a bad demonetization call, then you can appeal the decision for human review.

To request human review, go to your Video Manager. Then, select “Request review” next to the demonetized video. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish your appeal. Check back for updates in the text next to the video. The final decision will also be delivered to you via email.

Demonetization can be a nightmare for any creator. However, YouTube handles appeals for wrongful demonetization as quickly as it can. Review the video monetization guidelines, and focus on making content that’s suitable for all viewers.

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