5 Unconventional Ways The Weeknd Got Famous

The Weeknd is one of many major musicians who have gained a huge following through YouTube. His method of releasing music is different than that of most aspiring artists. By exposing himself to the world in an edgy and captivating way, he challenges the mainstream criteria for promoting music. However, he has proven that anything is possible.

Any musician can use these unconventional techniques to get more attention on YouTube.

1. Put the sound first.

The Weeknd’s first videos consisted of still, black and white, fuzzy images, which ensured that the viewers are really listening to the songs. His incredible voice and the eclectic production of the songs are enough to keep his audience engaged.

Before creating a video, the song should first be enjoyable without the visuals.

2. Create an edgy stage name.

Making a unique and abnormal stage name is a memorable way to start a music career. In Abel Tesfaye’s case, the name “The Weeknd” was just as mysteriously satisfying as his songs.

When he first began posting videos on YouTube, viewers were left wondering why the “e” wasn’t there and if The Weeknd was a band or a single person. An edgy stage name is a great way to spark curiosity and to stand out.

3. Be mysterious (to an extent).

His channel is strangely empty, which is usually not a good way to attract attention. However, this era of mystery intrigued viewers. He didn’t show his face or even reveal his real name until months after his popularity exploded.

Incorporate some mystery by not giving away certain details about yourself. If there’s something interesting about you, wait a while to reveal it to your viewers.

4. Don’t focus on money right from the start.

The first three mixtapes The Weeknd created were released for free online. Typically, this is a wrong move for artists who want to make money. But, that’s just it; The Weeknd didn’t care about money at the time.

In order to gain traction and promote his music, he allowed for all of his fans to have access to these mixtapes. The Weeknd was motivated by the music before the money.

5. Test the standards.

According to many professionals, The Weeknd has done all of the wrong things to promote himself as a musician. Nowadays, many of the most successful people step outside of the box to reach a new audience. There are no set rules to do anything, especially as an artist.

Each person’s talent is different and can become popular in different ways. Test alternate techniques to create and release your music to find a way that works for you.

Sometimes, the best way of doing something is the way that no one has done yet. The Weeknd revealed that musical success can emerge mysteriously. What will your music reveal?

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Corinne Rivera appreciates every type of music, which stems from her experience in dance and playing the guitar and the flute. She currently resides in San Francisco where she studies electronic communications, explores the city’s art, and attends concerts of all genres.