5 Reasons Kim Cameron And SIDE FX Are Headed Straight For The Top Of The Charts

If music is a universal language, then dance music must transcend linguistics. It takes a special kind of artist to get toes tapping and hips moving in clubs and cars all across the globe. This unique kind of talent often wins a coveted spot on the top of the Billboard charts. Here are five reasons that Kim Cameron and SIDE FX are headed straight there.

1. They’ve already been there.

Kim Cameron and SIDE FX have been in the Billboard Top 20 not once, but twice. Their dance and deep house music has been on charts such as Billboard Dance Club, Hot AC, College Music Journal, and DJ Times.

2. They’ve performed all over the world.

This Miami-based group has done anything but plant themselves on the sunny Florida shores. Recently returning from a tour in France, SIDE FX and Kim Cameron have also performed in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Monaco, the Caribbean, and the Dominican Republic.

3. They’ve had several ambitious performances.

In 2016, Kim Cameron performed for the pre-Grammy Awards. Twice, she performed for over 70,000 football fans at NFL games. No performance is too daunting for this ambitious artist.

4. They’ve placed their music in the right places.

Kim Cameron and SIDE FX know how to get their music featured in the right media outlets. Their music placements include CBS Morning Show, Wall Street Journal, Music Connection, Playboy Radio, and DMX.

5. They’ve pushed out nine albums in eight years.

Since 2008, Kim Cameron and SIDE FX have released nine albums. Their latest project, Naturally Yours, was released in early 2016. The first single, “Fallings Stars,” has already gone to #1.

Nothing can stop Kim Cameron and SIDE FX. Their ambition and dedication are what will drive them to the top of the charts time and time again.

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