4 YouTube Trends You Must Capitalize On To Win

YouTube has become the most popular go-to source for videos. To create an effective uploading strategy, it is important to familiarize yourself with the changing YouTube trends. Read the below list to identify new YouTube trends that you can capitalize on.

1. YouTube is becoming more popular

According to a report by Cisco, 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video traffic by 2019. Another survey by Social Media Examiner revealed that three out of every four marketers surveyed, plan to expand their video marketing efforts. This translates to an increase in the usage of video sites such as YouTube. It can’t be a better time to use YouTube to spread your brand image.

2. Videos have a phenomenal influence over Google results

A report by Searchmetrics revealed that 55% of Google searches return video results. 82% of these video results come from YouTube. This trend emphasizes the importance of optimizing your videos to rank in search results. Use effective optimization strategies to capitalize this YouTube trend and direct a massive search traffic to your videos. 

3. Unboxing videos are becoming more popular

Unboxing videos are gaining a lot of popularity on YouTube. In 2014, YouTube generated over 20 million results for unboxing videos. Several creators have started making unboxing videos to make the most of this YouTube trend. For instance, DisneyCollectorBR catapulted to popularity by unboxing Disney toys. The channel made nearly $5 million in 2014. Unboxing is relevant for nearly any product. It is great for both YouTubers and small business owners to market their channel and products respectively.

4. Session watch-times are increasing on YouTube

According to Google’s Q2 results, YouTube watch time has increased by 60% since 2014. The results also revealed that mobile watch time session has grown to 40 minutes. This trend shows that long-form content works well on YouTube. It also goes to show that people are willing to spend time on the site to watch good quality content. Therefore, create videos and optimize them to increase your channel’s watch time.

YouTube offers a valuable platform to connect with a massive audience. The site is constantly evolving as it strives to provide new features and improve user experiences. Thus, it is very important for creators and marketers to keep up with new YouTube trends.

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