4 Ways Vloggers Can Break Into Mainstream Entertainment

Many vloggers started their YouTube channels because they dreamed of being actors, musicians, or models. Thanks to social media, you don’t need a major movie role or a million dollar record deal to break into mainstream entertainment anymore. Plenty of major stars, from Bethany Mota to Justin Bieber, launched mainstream careers through their YouTube channels.

Here are four ways vloggers can break into mainstream entertainment.

1. Transform your channel into a lifestyle brand.

When Zoe Sugg started her YouTube channel, she was just a young woman who wanted to share her life and her love of beauty online. Now, with almost twelve million subscribers, her Zoella channel is one of the most recognizable names in online beauty.

Zoe became a major force in the online beauty community because she built her channel as a brand rather than a personal identity. Not only does Zoe test and recommend products for her viewers, but she also creates her own for Zoella Beauty. Starting a company of her own enabled Zoe to turn her channel into a successful brand.

2. Collaborate with friends to create short films.

Hazel Hayes is an Irish vlogger and director. By growing a substantial YouTube following, she created an audience for her short films. Hazel often works with other vloggers to create short films. She entered one in the most recent Buffer Festival.

However, short films aren’t the only collaborations Hazel has done. She directed a music video for Dodie, her flatmate and fellow vlogger. Hazel worked with comedy vlogger Jack Howard to edit the music video.

3. Take your online presence into the real world.

Even people who don’t watch YouTube videos may recognize the names Dan and Phil. These British best friends have worked together to create a powerful brand that connects fans from all around the world.

Dan and Phil grew their audience immensely by taking their online presence into the real world. They hosted a BBC radio show, went on two international tours, published two books, designed a board game, released an app, and started their own merch company. By creating both merchandises and experiences for their fans to enjoy, Dan and Phil expanded their influence to both online and offline platforms.

4. Create something outside of YouTube.

When Gabbie Hanna transitioned from Vine to YouTube, she began sharing storytime videos instead of comedy sketches. However, as Gabbie’s following grew, so did her opportunities to try new things.

Rather than focusing solely on her channel, Gabbie decided to try her luck with other projects as well. She published a poetry book and began a successful music career. Both have helped grow her online audience as well as her mainstream popularity.

Breaking into mainstream entertainment is easier when you already have a strong online following. Use your channel as a launching pad for your career as an actor, director, writer, or musician.

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