4 Ways to Spot YouTube “Like” Scams

YouTube audiences grow relative to how many views and likes a given video has. Naturally, with the growth of the view and comment market there has been an increase in illegitimate view scams. Use these 4 signs to determine if a video or company is involved with a scam:

1) Suspiciously high like count – The classic sign a scammer is involved is a suspiciously high like count on a boring video. Why would a million people spend 6 minutes watching a grown man do Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance? It doesn’t happen.

2) Low follower count – Another telltale sign is the low follower count. If a video has at least a million views and less than 100,000 followers, something iffy is going on. Similarly, if several videos have more than 100,000 views but the profile’s follower count is under 5,000 take your business elsewhere.

3) Disproportional dislikes – This is the one time when the presence of haters is appreciated. For any organically grown video with legitimate likes and comments there will be negative comments and dislikes. But if a video has a huge number of likes and few dislikes you can rest assured someone is running a scam… badly.

4) Questionable statistics – YouTube videos include a statistics feature under the like count, which provides the origins of video likes. If most likes come from something fishy like “a mobile device” or an unknown website, be weary. If the like count graph has a massive view spikes in a short timespan they’re getting scammed.

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