4 Ways To Make Your Videos More Engaging

Connecting with your viewers – really giving them something to take away from the video – should be your aim when you make YouTube videos. Ask any YouTuber what the most important aspect of making videos is and they will answer engagement. That’s because it goes hand-in-hand with how many views, subscribers, likes, and comments you get. An engaging video will increase the odds of getting positive feedback.

Here are four tips for making your videos more engaging!

1. Insert graphics into your videos.

You can insert all kinds of graphics into your videos, such as intros, outros, lower-thirds, buttons, and transitions. They add variety and life to an otherwise basic format. They also can help you illustrate a point or display something, like a product or an image that relates to your main point. They don’t necessarily have to be animated either. You can just insert a picture that slides in and slides out with no special movements needed.

Make sure not to make any buttons or graphics on your screen too big, or it will distract from what’s happening in the video. Subscribe buttons or lower-third graphics should appear at the beginning and end of your video only in order to save room for any other graphics you want to insert in the middle. Make sure that your video software also includes multiple tracks so you can insert these graphics. If you’re not sure how to create graphics, there are websites like www.iconfinder.com that can help you find basic ones to insert.

This video by Video Creators gives a quick tutorial on how to create a lower-third graphic.

2. Add background music.

The background music really adds a pop to your videos. It can set the mood and keep things moving along. It adds excitement to your video intros as well, and it makes them more distinctive. A little jingle is a great way to signal the beginning and end of your videos. You can also add epic soundtracks for the background of skits or calm, serious music for the background of serious videos.

Make sure to fit the music to the subject of your video. Don’t put an exciting soundtrack on top of a serious video. Again, make sure your video software has multiple tracks so it will support background music. If you have background music playing while you’re running through your video, make sure that it’s low enough to fade into the background. Otherwise, your audience won’t be able to hear you. A good tip is to put relaxed music with a nice beat while you’re talking to avoid distracting your audience.

An important note: do not use copyrighted music! If you want to use a song from the Top 40, you need to contact the owners of the music. You will get a copyright strike if you don’t. The video point #3 has information on how to contact the owners of a song, movie, or TV show.

This video by Roberto Blake gives a tutorial on how to add background music to your video files!

3. Add in other video clips.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with adding in other video clips to your video to make it more engaging, especially if it’s a dramatization of a funny story you’re recounting or a clip of a skit you filmed. Daniel Howell and Lilly Singh are known for doing this in their videos and it’s very successful. It can add humor and a break in your dialogue, which will help keep viewers interested.  However, it’s not a good idea to use anyone else’s videos without their express permission, unless it’s just stock video clips.

Adding in other video clips is also a great way to cover up any mistakes. Say you make a mistake in your dialogue that’s not easily cut out without ruining the flow of the video. Simply add a video clip over your dialogue when it comes time to edit. When it comes time to make any cuts, no one will ever even know it was there.

Make sure that if you use a clip from a movie or TV show, you are going through the right channels to stay legal. You will get into trouble if you don’t.

This video by Video Creators shows how to keep it legal when using video clips and music in your videos.

4. Edit your videos to highlight the most interesting parts.

Editing your videos may make you want to cringe, especially if you don’t think there’s anything wrong. However, it’s important to edit because you need to keep things moving along at a decent pace. No one wants to sit through a bunch of awkward pauses and stumbled-over sentences. Cutting those bits out will keep your video fresh and entertaining, and more importantly, it will keep it moving.

You can also edit your graphics, music, and videos during this time. An interesting way to keep your videos from becoming too monotonous is to move around your screen in between takes, and then edit out the pauses. It makes you move from one side of your screen to the other and is a nice visual break for your viewers. Adding animations or images in the blank spaces is a good idea too.

This video by Think Media gives great tips about editing!

Inserting graphics, background music, and videos, as well as editing your videos properly will definitely make your videos more engaging with your viewers. They will encourage your viewers to check out your channel more, which will open up room for comments and participation on your community tab. If you have an interesting, fun video, the chances of it being shared on social media will rapidly increase. These things will add a more professional quality to your videos as well, which will attract even more viewers. Make sure to follow these tips to help your videos become more engaging!

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Alexis is currently attending school to become an elementary school teacher. When she’s not wrestling with her cat, she enjoys reading, writing, and watching YouTube.