4 Ways To Increase Your YouTube Ad Revenue

Running ads on your videos is, of course, the main way to monetize your YouTube channel. For many creators, AdSense forms the basis of their income. However, monetization requires creators to jump through a lot of hoops in order to make a substantial income.

Here are four ways to increase your YouTube ad revenue.

1. Utilize midroll ads.

Whenever a video is monetized, viewers will see an ad or two before the video starts. However, as a creator, you can also place midroll ads throughout the video. This increases your monetization easily with only minor interruptions.

In order to be eligible for midroll ads, a video must be at least ten minutes long. The longer your video is, the more midroll ads you can place. Whenever you use midroll ads, place them manually so you can ensure they don’t cause awkward breaks in your videos.

2. Focus on content that doesn’t have to be labelled “Made for Kids.”

Thanks to recent COPPA crackdowns, every video on YouTube must be labelled as “Made for Kids” or “Not Made for Kids.” Because the law forbids data collection from children under thirteen, videos labelled “Made for Kids” risk losing monetization.

In order to protect your channel’s monetization, focus on creating content for a target audience of viewers thirteen and older. Label your videos yourself so that YouTube doesn’t do it for you automatically.

3. Promote past uploads through playlists.

No matter how old a video is, you can earn ad revenue from it as long as it’s still monetized. Therefore, you can increase your earnings by promoting past uploads to your viewers. This is where playlists come in.

Playlists are an extremely handy tool when it comes to promoting past videos. Simply arrange your previous uploads into playlists and share them with your audience. You might embed them in your video end screens, add them to info cards, or share the links on social media.

4. Ensure you’re following all of the platform’s policies and guidelines.

The best way to increase your ad revenue is to protect your monetization. YouTube reserves the right to demonitize any video at any time, but videos that follow all of the platform’s policies and guidelines tend to be safe.

You should ensure your content abides by both the Community Guidelines and the advertiser-friendly policies. You should also follow the rules surrounding copyright infringement by only using royalty-free music, images, etc.

In order to increase your YouTube ad revenue, make longer videos and follow all of the platform’s policies. Promote old videos through playlists, and ensure your content isn’t labelled “Made for Kids.”

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