4 Ways to Promote Your Music Brand on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most unique and most used social media outlets out there. Transient pictures provide a great way for people to live in the moment and share highlights of their days. Musicians can use Snapchat to build a special connection with their fans. Here are four ways to make the most of it.


Snapchat reveals only a few seconds of your life. Many artists take advantage of this feature to show messages, sneak peeks at upcoming songs, or just average, daily living. The key is to make these quick previews express yourself or your band. Customize your Snapchat Selfie (a profile picture or gif). Meghan Trainor has a little guitar next to her name, while Justin Bieber has prayer hands on his account. Immediately you know what they value.


Show Music and Merch

Snapchat is not only great for disclosing parts of your personal life but also for advertising merchandise and music. Insert music into your snaps by playing it off of the Spotify app (or any other third party app) on your phone, while filming a snap video. By integrating music in this simple way, you can advertise upcoming singles or just a good classic song. Also, alert fans of new merchandise available, as well as sales, by snapping plenty of pictures.

Make GeoTags

Another way to personalize your Snapchat account is by making a GeoTag — a cool, creative filter that marks a certain location. Now Snapchat is offering a service for people to create their GeoTags, for a small fee. This allows your band to provide a filter that fans can use when they are at your concert, wearing your merchandise, or listening to your music. The GeoTag opens a whole new way to connect and reach out to the world.

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Tell Stories

Sometimes, all fans want is a look into a musician’s day to day life. You’re fortunate enough to have such an envious lifestyle and giving fans a taste of that is valuable. This might mean showing the exotic places you visit, the people you interact with, or the amazing gigs you play. Make stories stronger and even more appealing by using those customized GeoTags.

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Now, more than ever, people have access into each other’s lives — thanks to the many social media platforms. Snapchat arguably provides the most in-depth access and can help your fans know and support you better.

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