4 Reasons Musicians Should Release Singles

Singles are wonderful tools for introducing artists to the music scene. Whether these songs are released through the radio, a music video on YouTube, or a Facebook page, they help start a fan base and bring success. Here are a few reasons why you should release a single, prior to an entire album.

Singles are Samplers

Singles provide quick previews of the kind of music you play and can persuade fans to look further into your album(s). After releasing his hit single “Take Me to Church,” Hozier had people falling for his deep voice and soothing guitar. These luring features contributed to the overall success of his album “From Eden.” Giving fans a taste of what his music was like and what he was working on influenced them to continue listening.

They’re Great for Marketing

One song gets stuck in your head. Then you find yourself humming it later, until a friend asks you about it. That’s free marketing right there. A single is usually catchy enough to capture your attention for days on end. If it is your first, then it makes a great way to get your name and sound out there. Barenaked Ladies introduced themselves with the song “One Week” — setting the tone for an easy-going, yet fast, singing pace that they kept delivering since.

They Create a Fan Base

Singles are the platforms from which many artists launch themselves into successful careers. Ed Sheeran’s first single “The A Team” instantly put him front-and-center of not only radio listeners but also the Queen, herself. Zayn Malik just released his first solo single, a much anticipated song, and saw a good response from it. These songs all grabbed fans’ attention and started building an even larger audience. If the first single is well-received, the second single is likely to reap the benefits of that fan base and add on more success.

They Keep You Relevant

Sometimes, not announcing a single or taking some time off from a music career can make all the difference. Beyoncé gave no heads-up before dropping her newest single “Formation” and stunned people when she performed it at the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Adele reignited her flame, after a year of not producing music, with the single “Hello.” There is a certain magic to singles in that they keep you relevant in pop culture.

Take these benefits into consideration, the next time you think about releasing a single.

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Megan Trainor spends her days doing crossword puzzles, reading the news and looking for new music to listen to. She is usually a sucker for guitar but appreciates songs with meaningful lyrics and a strong bass.