4 Types of “React To” Videos Every YouTuber Should Make

In a “React To” video, a YouTuber films his reaction to a popular video, the comments on his last upload, or basically anything else on the Internet! Since engaging with the online community is one of the keys to success for aspiring YouTube stars, “React To” videos are ideal for interacting with your fellow YouTubers as well as your viewers.

Here are four types of “React To” videos and what you can do with each one!

1. Engage with your fans by reacting to comments.

Reacting to comments on your videos is an excellent way to engage with your fans and viewers. When a YouTuber posts a video like this, viewers are excited to watch because there’s a chance that their comment will be included! Along with giving your viewers some individual attention, you also show them that you want to engage with them. They’ll see you as personable and down-to-earth.

There are many forms that “React To Comments” videos can take. YouTubers can make FAQ videos, videos based on suggestions from viewers, videos reacting to fan mail, and more. Viewers want to talk to you, so increase their loyalty by giving them a chance to do it on film!

Here’s a video of British YouTubers reacting to weird comments!

2. Get fresh perspectives with “Kids React To” videos.

The Fine Brothers’ “Kids React To” videos have become very popular on YouTube. People love to watch “Kids React To” videos because kids have really fresh, honest, and often funny perspectives and reactions. Viewers can learn a lot from kids because they often see the world in simpler ways.

If you have younger siblings, kids you babysit, or kids of your own, consider collaborating with them on a “Kids React To” video! However, if they aren’t your kids, be sure to ask their parents’ permission first!

Check out this video of kids reacting to Donald Trump!

3. Take your viewers down memory lane by reacting to your old videos.

If you’ve been posting videos for a while, then reacting to your old videos is a great way to get subscribers feeling nostalgic! Viewers who have stayed with you for a long time will especially enjoy the walk down memory lane. It’s really entertaining to react to your old self because you’ve probably changed a lot, and viewers will be fascinated by the side-by-side comparison of your past and present selves.

You might want to make fun of yourself, and you should! Viewers love to see a YouTuber who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Take a look at this video of Lucas Cruikshank reacting to videos of his former famous Youtube character Fred.

4. Connect with other YouTubers by reacting to “React To” videos.

This is definitely a mouthful, but reacting to “React To” videos is an awesome way to really connect to your fellow YouTubers. It’s absolutely hilarious, and it creates a great conversation between YouTubers. Viewers love to see their favorite YouTubers collaborate and interact in creative ways, and what’s more creative than this?

Check out Tyler Oakley’s video, in which he reacts to “Teens React to Tyler Oakley!”.

Always remember that engaging with your community is instrumental to making connections and finding success on YouTube. If you react to comments, make “Kids React To” videos, react to old videos, and react to “React To” videos, you’ll certainly get a great “reaction” from your viewers!

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David Yaghutiel is a Bay Area native who enjoys traveling, theatre, playing the ukulele, and learning as much about the world as he possibly can. He also occasionally daylights as a senior at UCLA.