4 Tips on How To Customize Your Channel

Your YouTube channel serves as home base for everything connected with your account. This is where potential new subscribers find your name, account type, popular uploads, and any other information you’ve chosen to display. Therefore, having an organized and exciting channel page is critical to driving more traffic to your channel.

Check out these four tips on how to customize your YouTube channel!

1. Find or create a striking banner image.

The banner is the place on a YouTuber’s channel page that allows for the most creativity and color. The banner is completely customizable, and YouTubers can either find an image online to set as the banner, or they can create their own image with computer art software!

Most successful YouTubers make their banner an image of themselves and/or their username. Creating an aesthetically pleasing banner is very important because it is usually the first thing that potential subscribers will see when they click on your channel.

Take a look at this tutorial for creating a banner that your viewers will love!

2. Separate your videos into categorical playlists on your channel.

Most famous YouTubers separate their videos into different categories on their channel in order to make them more accessible to viewers. For example, the British lifestyle/beauty vlogger Zoella has separated her videos into several categories, including “Day in the Life Videos”, “Collaboration Videos”, “Hauls”, “Beauty”, and more.

When a potential subscriber clicks on her channel, they can immediately see every type of video that she makes, and they can essentially get a “sampling” of her channel! The organization by categories also makes it easy to for viewers to find specific videos.

The video below shows YouTubers how to separate their videos into categorical playlists.

3. Create a channel preview video.

The channel preview video, or channel trailer, is the video that plays automatically when a non-subscribed viewer goes to your channel. This preview can either be your favorite/most popular video, or it can be a short introduction to your channel.

Remember that this video is like an advertisement for your channel, so make sure that it’s fun, exciting, and gives viewers an idea of what your channel is about.

Check out this awesome channel trailer by travel vlogger Cameron Phillips! This video is exhilarating and visually stunning, and it compels viewers to check out more of his videos!

4. List your friends’ channels in the “Featured Channels” section.

There’s a section on the right side of you channel called “Featured Channels”, which allows you to list other channels that you like. Promotion of other YouTube channels is one of the keys to success online.

List some of your friends’ channels in the “Featured Channels” section, and they’ll most likely list you in theirs! When you and your friends promote each other and collaborate, everyone wins.

Here’s a quick tutorial on adding featured channels to your channel!

Creating an exciting and well-organized channel can make a tremendous difference in your presence and popularity on YouTube. Just remember to create a banner image, separate videos into categorical playlists, create a channel preview video, and add featured channels. When viewers see your beautiful channel, they won’t be able to hit the subscribe button fast enough!

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David Yaghutiel is a Bay Area native who enjoys traveling, theatre, playing the ukulele, and learning as much about the world as he possibly can. He also occasionally daylights as a senior at UCLA.

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