4 Tips For Making Content Your Viewers Want To Share

In order for a video to go viral, it has to be highly shareable. The more your viewers share your content, the more new viewers you’ll reach. But first, you have to make videos your subscribers want to share with their friends.

Here are four tips for creating content your viewers want to share.

Ask yourself what appeals most to a broad but specific demographic.

A lot of viewers share videos that they find relatable. When it ties to their identity in some way, they share it with friends and family who also share in that identity. The more people who share in that identity, the more people are likely to share the video.

Therefore, you can make videos that appeal to a broad but specific demographic. Choose something that you can relate to as well. Then, share your experiences with that identity in a comedic way.

The best example of this technique is Lilly Singh. She makes a lot of videos about being Indian, being a girl, and being an average person. Because so many people around the world can relate, her videos get millions of views.

Refrain from using strong language or themes.

Many viewers, especially younger ones, won’t share videos that present strong language and themes. Sharing such videos could reflect poorly on them in the eyes of their parents, mentors, etc.

The same goes for older viewers who prefer to keep their social media professional. No matter how much a viewer loves your video, sharing something with a string of foul words could also reflect poorly on them in the eyes of an employer.

Therefore, to make your videos more shareable, keep them PG. If you do swear, bleep out the words. Stay away from mature themes as well.

Keep it short and sweet.

Shareable videos are also snackable. A good viral video is short and sweet. It gets its point across in under fifteen minutes so viewers can continue watching other videos.

Good Mythical Morning is the perfect example of this. Most of the videos are under fifteen minutes long, so viewers can binge the series and share their favorites.

Make use of lists and numbers.

The most shareable videos are like a BuzzFeed listicle brought to life. Viewers love lists and numbers, so try to break your video down into bullet points. Design an easy-to-follow format that holds viewers’ interest by breaking it down into chunks.

For examle, you can also the “Types Of” format, like the Dolan Twins did in the video below. Their “Types Of” series is one of their most popular series to date.

Speak in second person, as if you’re talking about the viewer.

Finally, to make a video shareable, act as if you’re talking about the viewer. Use “you” as much as you can. For example, you may say things like, “you know this kind of person” or “you know what it’s like.”

Lilly Singh, once again, is the perfect example of this. Her easygoing nature along with her use of second person invites viewers into a conversation.

Shareable content is relatable, snackable, bulleted, and in second person. Apply these tips to your content to start getting more shares and more views.

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