4 Tips For Making Better Q-and-A Videos

Question-and-answer videos have been a popular video format since YouTube’s early years. The straightforward, simplistic nature of these videos is equally engaging and entertaining. However, they’re also fairly common, so in order to get a lot of viewers, your Q-and-As need to grab your audience’s attention.

Here are four tips for making better Q-and-A videos.

1. Give your Q-and-A an overarching theme.

Most of the time, Q-and-A videos are pretty general. Creators will answer questions covering a wide range of unrelated topics. While this kind of video is good for new creators, those who’ve been on the platform for a long time will probably get a lot of questions they’ve already answered before.

You can inspire your viewers to ask new and interesting questions by giving your next Q-and-A a specific theme. For example, creator Melanie Murphy often does Q-and-As related to specific topics she covers on her channel. After she had her baby, she did a birth and postpartum Q-and-A video.

2. Ask for question submissions on different platforms.

You can easily jazz up Q-and-As simply by asking a different population of your following for questions. Though there’s probably a lot of overlap between fans who follow you on different platforms, it’s highly likely that not every single subscriber follows you on every single social media. A fan’s age, location, and personal preferences can determine the social media platforms they actually use.

Therefore, you should ask for question submissions on a different platform than you usually do. If you typically source your fan questions from Twitter, try using a question sticker on your Instagram story instead. If you usually turn to your video comments, make a post on your channel’s community tab.

3. Invite a guest to answer questions with you.

You can make a Q-and-A more interesting by turning it into a collab video. However, your collab partner doesn’t have to be another YouTuber. You could invite your best friend, your sibling, or your partner to join you. Then, you can ask your fans to submit questions for both of you.

For example, creator Hana Lee’s subscribers love it when her boyfriend joins her for videos. At their request, she did a relationship advice Q-and-A with him. Her audience’s response was warm and welcoming.

4. Turn your Q-and-As into a special series.

Series are a great way to capitalize on a strong video idea, and Q-and-As fit the bill. However, instead of doing a cut-and-dry monthly Q-and-A, you should brainstorm a way to make your series unique. Link your videos together with a common theme, topic, or goal.

Advice videos can be popular, especially with younger viewers. For example, vlogger Carrie Dayton has a Q-and-A series she calls “big sis advice.” Every so after, she offers her viewers the same kind of insight an older sibling would.

Q-and-A videos are fun for creators and viewers alike. With a few minor tweaks or new tactics, you can jazz up your Q-and-A videos to get even more views.

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