4 Tips For Creating Holiday Content

The holidays are a great time for content creators because not only do you get to make fun and festive content, but you also have a great opportunity to increase your watch time as viewers take time off from school and work. However, you don’t want to miss out on your own seasonal celebrations with family and friends. To make the most out of this time of year, there are a few things you should do.

Here are four tips for creating holiday content.

1. Keep it casual.

Your videos this time of year don’t necessarily need to be highly produced. Your viewers are likely watching your content to relax or pass the time. They want videos that are easy and fun to watch.

Therefore, you should keep your content fairly casual. Storytimes, Let’s Plays, DIYS, and food vlogs are always good ideas. Q-and-A or “get ready with me” videos work well, too. For more thematic content, you might do sale shopping hauls, gift guides, or giveaways.

2. Batch film to save time.

To save yourself from spending hours filming every week, dedicate a day or two to batch filming your videos. Have everything you need for each video set up in the order you’re going to film them in. Keep yourself on task by silencing your phone.

To make it even easier, stick with video ideas that will be easy to edit. Try to focus on single-shot videos where you only need to cut out pauses and add b-roll. Even better, if you can cut one video into multiple parts, you can easily film a whole new series.

3. Share your personal traditions and celebrations.

You can double-time your filming and celebrating by vlogging about your personal traditions and celebrations. For example, you might vlog your present shopping trip or your visit to the Christmas tree farm. You could also take your viewers on a tour of the holiday decorations around your house or your town.

Alternatively, you could make an educational video about the traditions your family takes part in. You could talk about what the holidays mean to you and show your viewers anything that has a special symbolism. You could also share a family recipe or craft you make every year.

4. Create playlists of older content for viewers to binge-watch.

Finally, part of your holiday content strategy should be creating playlists. Organize your previous uploads into new playlists. Divide them by format, theme, or tone. Give your playlists keyword-rich titles and descriptions.

Then, share your playlists with your viewers. List them in the descriptions of your new uploads. Likewise, you can put them on your channel’s homepage. These playlists will help increase your watch time easily.

Around the holidays, you should focus on relaxed and thematic content. Create videos your viewers can enjoy on their days off to decompress from the stress of the season.

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