3 Things Every YouTuber Can Learn From CharlisCraftyKitchen

Charli and Ashlee are nine and six-year-old sisters who make $127,000 a month from their YouTube channel. CharlisCraftyKitchen is all about kid-friendly recipes. These impressive kids have been making videos for three years!

Here’s what you can learn from CharlisCraftyKitchen.

1. Produce content that you’re passionate about.

Both Charlie and Ashlee are passionate about baking. They’ve posted dozen upon dozens of tutorials inspired by everything from holidays to their favorite Disney movies. Charli, as the channel’s namesake, is the main baker, but Ashlee is a faithful and exuberant taste-tester and assistant chef.

Like Charlie and Ashlee, you should only produce content that you’re passionate about. If it doesn’t excite you, then it won’t excite your viewers, either. If you feel most confident when you’re not wearing any makeup, then don’t make a smokey eye tutorial. If you spend all of your free time knitting scarves, then make a video teaching others how to knit!

2. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Though their channel may be dedicated to baking and crafting, Ashlee and Charli don’t limit themselves to strictly one type of content. Because Charlie is also into modelling, she released a series of behind-the-scenes vlogs when she posed for Total Girl Magazine.

When deciding what kind of video to post next, don’t be afraid to veer a little off course. Like Charli, you should show your subscribers a little bit of what you do outside of YouTube. This will drive in viewers who are interested in topics other than your channel’s main goal, as well!

3. Do something no one has seen before.

CharlisCraftyKitchen was YouTube’s first kids-only baking show. Because no one had seen a kids-only baking show before, Ashlee and Charli became pioneers in their own rights. They created a new kind of content, while also reaching an audience of younger children. Charli and Ashlee’s baking show became so successful because it was the first of its kind.

What’s your original idea? Take the main goal of your channel and put a twist on it. Will you be the first singer accompanied by a guitar-playing monkey? Will you be the first cosplay beauty channel? Will you be the first YouTuber to take any dares that involve a swimming pool filled with soda?

The chefs at CharlisCraftyKitchen certainly know what they’re doing. Like Charli and Ashlee, you can find major success on YouTube by putting an original twist on what you’re passionate about.

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