4 Things Every Musician Can Learn From Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne is the biggest independent artist on the planet right now. The success of his label Strange Music has Tech constantly turning down major label record deals. Tech N9ne has dealt with a lot of rejection from the industry, so he made his own lane! Check out these four lessons that every musician can learn from Tech N9ne!

1. He perfected his music.

Tech N9ne didn’t make it to the top by being untalented. Tech has some of the best rap lyrics in the game; his ability to rap quickly sets him apart in the sea of rappers. Tech also doesn’t restrict himself to one genre. Who said rap can’t be metal, head-banging music?

Tech also collaborates with a wide variety of artist from Eminem to 2 Chainz, proving that he can make music with anybody. Check out this song below where Tech talked about his struggles breaking into the industry.

2. He created an image.

With his red spiked hair, face paint, and a beard, Tech N9ne made sure that you remembered him by his image. Tech knew that the “crazy man” image would get his audience watching. Even when he shaved his head and cut his beard, he still owned the crazy look by occasionally rocking the face paint.

Some people wrote Tech off, but after his fame took off, those same people were bumping his music on the radio. Tech N9ne portrayed the image that he wanted, and he didn’t worry about what the haters said. Check him out in this older stage performance; no one in the audience could forget that look!

3. He built a brand.

Tech N9ne is not just Tech N9ne; Tech N9ne is Strange Music. Tech N9ne and his business partner Travis O’Guin built the label Strange Music from the ground in 1999. Plastering the SM logo on merchandise provides free promotion and a ton of money in sales.

Strange Music sells T-shirts, belts, cups, backpacks, hats, scarves, car stickers, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Strange Music represents a movement of misfits; fans fall in love with the music and the message. The SM logo is easily recognizable, and you can’t help but think of Tech N9ne when you see it!

4. He gives a great live performance.

Tech N9ne knows the importance of a live show. Tech understood that if you have an awesome stage presence, your show will sell out. Sold out shows mean more merchandise sold. Tech N9ne’s stage performance is unmatched because he can captivate the audience and make them go crazy.

Tech N9ne can make the crowd get hype while they scream the lyrics with him. Of course, for every live performance, Tech N9ne wears his signature face paint! Check out this performance from his recent Independent Powerhouse tour.

Tech N9ne is the most successful independent artist in the world, and this is not by chance. Tech has the talent, image, brand, and live performance mastered. Without these four keys, Tech N9ne wouldn’t have been nearly as successful as he is today.

The most important lesson any artist can learn from Tech is to never give up. Tech N9ne didn’t become largely successful until his forties. That can be an inspiration to anyone who isn’t reaching results in the timeframe they expected to. Soak up these lessons, put yourself out there, and own everything you do from here on out!

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