4 Things Aspiring Musicians Can Learn From Beyonce

It always seems like Beyonce is on the next level. Her fans lovingly call her “Queen B,” and many people think of her as “flawless.” However, Beyonce’s fame is certainly not unattainable, and here are four ways that you can reach her level of success!

1. Surprise your fans.

One of biggest things that sets Beyonce apart from other artists is her constant surprise factor. Beyonce loves surprising her fans, and she’s had musical breakthroughs come out with absolutely no warning. She released two of her albums, Beyonce and Lemonade, by total surprise, and the former made Itunes crash from the constant and rapid downloads.

Not only is Beyonce surprising with musical releases, but also with personal announcements, such as when she revealed her pregnancy at the VMA’s in 2011. Her pregnancy reveal became one of the most tweeted events in history. Beyonce teaches aspiring musicians to surprise their fans because fans get extremely excited over the spontaneity. If you give your fans surprises, then they will also be excited to follow you because they’ll constantly be thinking, “What will he/she do next?”.

Check out the iconic video of Beyonce performing “Love on Top” and revealing her pregnancy at the end. Look closely at the hints that she gives during the performance!

2. Care for the less fortunate.

Beyonce is an artist who truly cares about her fans and her community, and she shows this through the kind things she has done for her less fortunate fans. She has visited many hospitals and spent time with sick fans, and she has even sung and danced with sick fans at her concerts. Since so many people idolize Beyonce, she gives them some of their greatest memories simply by spending time with them.

You should do kind things for your less fortunate fans not to gain success, but because it is simply a nice thing to do. Successful musicians love, appreciate, and care for their fans, and they show this through their music. Your fans are the ones that keep you going, and doing nice things for them could literally change their lives.

Here’s an incredibly sweet video of Beyonce singing and dancing at a concert with a terminally ill fan named Taylon. (Warning: this video will probably make you cry.)

3. Inspire your fans to get moving.

Everyone knows that sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles are a big problem in the United States, and Beyonce is working to fight that issue by inspiring her fans to get active! She has created a few dance workouts set to her songs that have been very influential. These videos promote her music and help her fans get moving and have fun. Also, fans love to see musicians who care about societal issues.

It’s a great idea to create workout dance videos set to your music, but you can also make videos that relate to any issue that you care about. If you are passionate about a societal issue, address it in your music!

Take a look at this awesome video that features a group of kids from Harlem dancing to “Move Your Body,” a workout dance cover of Beyonce’s “Got Me Bodied.” This video is great because Beyonce makes a surprise appearance and dances with the kids!

4. Use your music to empower your community.

Another social issue that Beyonce is very passionate about is women’s rights. Beyonce is a strong feminist, and she uses her music to empower women. Many of her songs depict women in powerful positions and encourage women to seek power and do whatever they want. She teaches aspiring musicians to use music to empower fans in whatever way applies to them.

Here’s one of Beyonce’s songs, called “Run the World (Girls),” which inspires and empowers young women.

Beyonce is truly a queen in the music industry, but aspiring musical stars can definitely get on her level. If you surprise your fans, care for the less fortunate, inspire your fans to get moving, and empower your fans, you’ll definitely “slay” like Beyonce.

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David Yaghutiel is a Bay Area native who enjoys traveling, theatre, playing the ukulele, and learning as much about the world as he possibly can. He also occasionally daylights as a senior at UCLA.

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