4 Reasons Kendra Erika Will Be Timeless

Singer and songwriter Kendra Erika is anything but another Hollywood cookie cutter. Here are four reasons that she is well on her way to becoming timeless.

1. She is a classic Hollywood beauty.

Growing up, Kendra Erika was inspired by the Bond girls, such as Jill Masterson. She always dreamed of becoming one of them. Kendra’s sultry voice and classic beauty weave a tapestry of a 21st century Bond girl. This new feminist mystique can hold her own.

2. She takes inspiration from classic movies.

Kendra Erika’s music videos are often inspired by films from the golden age of Hollywood. Casino and American Hustle specifically sparked the ideas for her boldly cinematic videos. Kendra models the characters in her videos after actresses she admires, such as Amy Adams and Michelle Pfeiffer.

3. She holds tightly to her values.

Like a Bond girl, Kendra Erika knows how to get what she wants. However, she doesn’t think that a woman should have to compromise her values in order to get her way.

“It’s important to hold onto your values while still going after what you want,” she told Popdust.

4. She works with noteworthy songwriters and producers.

Kendra Erika doesn’t make her musical magic alone. The names she could drop at a Hollywood party include Lynn Verlayne, Jimmy Greco, and Dave Eggar. With a team like this on her side, Kendra is headed for great things.

Kendra Erika is not a name that the music industry will soon forget. With such a classic approach to life, this artist will be timeless.

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