4 Reasons Julia Botelho Was Meant To Be A Musician

Singer/songwriter and music producer Julia Botelho has always known one thing: she was meant to be a musician. Here are four reasons that Julia’s dream was destined to come true.

1. She was named after two famous songs.

In the same way that Taylor Swift was named after James Taylor, Julia Botelho’s parents knew from the very beginning that music was going to be a major part of their daughter’s life. Julia Carolina Amato Botelho got her lovely name from “Julia” by The Beatles and “Carolina” by Chico Buarque.

2. Music is woven into her family history.

Even before she was born, the love of music was running through Julia’s blood. Her great grandfather was a Maestro, and his children, grandchildren, and in-laws brought together Fado, traditional indigenous chants, and Italian folk music. This eclectic mix of music influenced Julia from the time she was very young.

3. She turned to music during her difficulties.

Growing up, Julia was an only child who moved around often with her parents. Though saying goodbye to friends was difficult, she turned to music instead. Julia found a lifelong friend in the old vinyl records in her grandparents’ house.

4. The two albums she’s released set the groundwork for an extraordinary career.

Julia Botelho has already released two exceptional albums. Samba-Folk came out in 2014, and Brazilian Vernal Equinox dropped in 2015. These records earned Julia a loyal fan base and set the groundwork for the career she’s always dreamed of.

From the time she was born, Julia Botelho was meant to be a musician. From early influences to a musical family history, Julia Botelho is prepared for the musical career one could only dream of.

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