4 Kinds of Videos Every Beauty Channel Can Make

There are certain types of videos that all beauty channels have. If you’re stuck on ideas, or if you’re looking for inspiration to start a beauty channel, here are some ideas.

1. Makeup tutorials

Even if you’re content doesn’t fall along the makeup side of beauty, you can still upload makeup videos here and there. Your subscribers will probably enjoy these videos as well because they look for beauty content.

You definitely don’t have to regularly upload makeup tutorials; simply add them to the mix of your channel. Either make brief tutorials with voice-overs, or film long, chatty ones while you talk through both the makeup and your life. All beauty fans bond over makeup!

Although Marzia’s channel is not a makeup-focused one, she does upload makeup looks every once in awhile.

2. GRWM’s

“Get Ready With Me” videos are very refreshing to have on any beauty channel. Many people like watching these videos because they can watch how you get ready in the mornings or for a big event. GRWM’s also inspire makeup looks, morning routines, pre-party preparations, etc.

Your subscribers will love watching you get ready because it will inspire them to get up early in the morning and prepare for the day ahead of them. In a way, you are prepping and priming in solidarity with your subscribers.

During prom season, many people scour YouTube for prom inspiration. GRWM videos are a very common destination.

3. Hauls

Hauls are obviously a huge part of any beauty channel. Whether it’s a makeup haul or clothing haul, you should definitely include these in your channel. Like the above videos, adding hauls to the mix of your regular content is refreshing and fun for viewers (and yourself, maybe).

Hauls are more casual videos where you can talk freely with your viewers both about the things you bought and about other small chit-chat topics. You can even address certain issues and answer questions in haul videos, even if they don’t pertain to your products. Haul videos are overall more casual and unscripted.

4. Lookbooks

A lookbook is another fun video to upload onto your channel. Lookbooks are great because they really allow you to showcase your unique style and your personal taste in fashion in the outfits you choose. The few outfits in the video will also give inspiration to viewers on how they may dress, so they will certainly love watching outfit videos.

Like makeup tutorials, lookbooks offer great inspiration and ideas for your viewers. They’re also very fun to film and don’t require much, as you can simply just film the outfits you’re wearing out for a few days.

Whether you’re starting a beauty channel entirely from scratch, or you’re simply looking for ideas, incorporate the above four types of videos into your channel. This combination will create a very fun and interesting vibe for viewers, and you’ll definitely reach a wide range of audiences. Have fun, and go create!

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