3 Musicians Who Started On YouTube

There are plenty of well-known musicians and bands who have YouTube to thank for their success. Here are three artists who first began their music career by uploading YouTube covers.

1. Justin Bieber

Like many musicians, Justin Bieber also had humble beginnings. He started to gain fame at a very young age when he uploaded his first cover on YouTube in 2007- Chris Brown’s “With You.”

Of course, he knew that uploading a blurry cover online wouldn’t guarantee any immediate success. Little did he anticipate, though, that Usher would come across the video and sign him to his record label.

2. Karmin

Karmin, a male and female duo, uploaded covers onto YouTube like any other budding YouTube musicians would. However, Karmin possessed something very unique -an extremely talented rapper- and soon gained much attention from it.

Lead singer/rapper Amy Heidemann showed unbelievably strong rapping. a nice little package of speed and “swag,” and the duo shot to fame with their pop/ballad cover of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now.”

3. 5SOS

5 Seconds of Summer were pretty much unknown outside of their hometown in Australia, let alone the country itself. Without any professional equipment, neither a high-quality camera nor an external microphone, they filmed covers of their favorite songs and uploaded them to YouTube.

As these stories go, 5SOS hit a stroke of luck. One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson saw one of their covers and reached out to them, asking if they wanted to open for the British band on their upcoming tour. Before long, many One Direction fans who noticed 5SOS at the concerts looked them up on YouTube and became fans themselves.

There’s certainly no harm in having a little faith. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, and just be patient and hopeful. Plenty of famous musicians started with pixelated YouTube covers and not fancy auditions.

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