4 Innovative Ways to Promote New Music

Promotion of a new album release is crucial to its success, but with so many advertisements floating around these days, you’ll need something special to really grab people’s attention. Brainstorm creative strategies. Use the following tips to build anticipation over your new music release and keep up the hype, even after the album drops.

Premiere new music at a gig

If you plan to release new music around the time of a gig, consider treating your fans to a preview or full debut of one of your unreleased tracks. This can help build excitement around your new release, and the secrecy might incentivize your fans to spread the word. Rewarding them for coming out to your gig may also help you build a more intimate connection, and you may find yourself with a loyal following.

Post album artwork in creative ways

Many people may get intrigued enough to recognize and remember your album by its artwork. Finding creative ways to post it on social media is a smart and easy way to promote that new album or single. Anderson.Paak (@anderson._paak), for example, tiles nine Instagram posts in a 3×3 square that, put together, show up on his account page as the complete album artwork. You can also post on social media about the inspiration or meaning behind the artwork, or show its creation process. Check out this video, which highlights the creation of John Mayer’s “Born & Raised” album artwork:

YouTube teasers

Give your audience a taste of your new music with a short snippet of a YouTube video. If you’re releasing a music video, show a short clip lasting about 15-30 seconds that grabs viewers’ attention. Consider including the hook, or the catchiest part of the song, so that it piques interest and sticks. Troye Sivan uploaded this teaser prior to the release of his album “Blue Neighborhood”:

Get friends and fellow singers to perform short covers

Ask your talented friends or singer acquaintances to help promote your new music with short covers on Instagram, Snapchat, or YouTube. Putting their own flairs on your songs can help add a different dimension to your music, without giving too much away prior to the release. This is also a great way to cross-promote your music to fellow artists’ fan bases and gain new followers.

The most important part about the promotional process is sharing your own genuine excitement with fans. Come up with a strategy to engage people, and they’ll surely recognize the hard work you dedicate to your music.

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Amy Jiang has a passion for writing and for discovering new talented music artists, especially in her favorite genre R&B/Soul. She loves to dance and bake, while listening to great music.

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