4 Great Ways To Revitalize Old Videos

Every seasoned YouTuber has those videos on their channel that don’t get any more views. They’re just sitting there stagnant even if they have good content. It’s not possible to promote them on social media because they’re older so you may be stuck on what to do with them. You have no idea how to revitalize them or how to make them searchable again. The only question now? “To delete or not to delete?”

Well, don’t delete them! Follow these four tips for revitalizing your old videos so they’ll get more views again.

1. Look at the hook and thumbnail.

You don’t need to reshoot your hook in order to revitalize your video. This is one of the most important parts of your video because this is what catches and holds your viewers’ attention. A proper hook is interesting and will outline what your video is going to be about. It also needs to relate to your thumbnail and description. There are some tips on how to write a proper hook here. So, when watching your old videos, take a look at that hook.

“Is this hook strong? Is it related to my title and thumbnail?” are questions you need to be asking yourself as you watch that hook. If you answer “no”, you need to go back and change both your title and thumbnail to match your hook. You need to make sure that both match the topic of your video so your viewers know exactly what to expect.

This video by Sierra Schultzzie shows you how to create and edit your thumbnails.

2. Check your description.

Your description is the next most important thing in your videos. It tells your viewers more about your video and what they can expect. This serves to be an alternate hook, especially if you didn’t use the traditional summary format as your hook. The description will tell your viewers right away if this video is what they’re looking for.

Check that opening line first. Make sure you have the right keywords in those first few sentences that will tell the reader that this video is what they need. This will also help with your rankings in suggested videos. Don’t use jargon or YouTuber terms because many viewers may not understand what you mean. Just write out your description in plain English, in about four-six sentences. Don’t be afraid to insert a little of your personality as well!

This video by channelnotes gives more fantastic tips on how to write and structure your description.

3. Evaluate those tags.

Your description and title are correct. Your hook is strong and relates to the thumbnail, title, and description. The next thing you need to check is the tags. The tags in your videos help with the rankings in the Google search results, the YouTube search results, and the suggested videos box. It’s important to have strong tags that describe your video correctly so your video will pop up closer to the top, and thus increase your views.

You might need to add more tags or you might need to get rid of some of the unnecessary tags. Make those changes as needed. Add as many tags as you think is necessary to increase viewership of that video, but be careful not to add tags that aren’t going to help your video. Stick to the tags that describe your video.

This video by Derral Eves gives some great tips on how to properly tag your videos.

4. Add interactive cards.

Interactive cards are a great way to revitalize an old video without doing any massive editing. The interactive cards feature was added in 2016 as a way to replace the YouTube annotations on videos as well as to provide a way to promote other videos or channels in a mobile-friendly way. Interactive cards are smaller and less invasive, but they are still a great way to draw your viewers’ attention to things you want them to check out.

You can advertise your channel, your playlists, other channels, other playlists, and post polls with interactive cards. They’re a great way to revitalize attention in your videos and channel without constantly posting on the community tab or social media. Posting polls with interactive cards also increases viewer engagement rates.

This video by RyGuy gives a great tutorial on how to add interactive cards to existing videos.

Checking your hook, description, tags, and adding interactive cards are four great ways to revitalize those old videos. After you’ve followed all of these tips, you need to leave this video alone for a length of time. It’s recommended to leave it for about three to four months. This gives Google time to make note of the changes and re-rank it based on the new tags, title, and description. These four tips aren’t an overnight quick-fix; you’ll need to have patience and be willing to go back and edit again if you don’t notice any changes.

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Alexis is currently attending school to become an elementary school teacher. When she’s not wrestling with her cat, she enjoys reading, writing, and watching YouTube. 

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