4 Biggest Lessons from Joe Rogan’s Podcast

At Promolta we do a lot of case studies about successful creators and share key lessons.

Today’s subject is Joe Rogan. He has 16.6M YouTube subscribers, 3.5B lifetime views, and a $200M dollar net worth.

Here are 4 key lessons from Joe Rogan.

1. Viewers = Money

Joe always knew that he could make good money with a big enough audience. That’s true for every creator. Thus, work hard to create videos people LOVE and CANT get enough of. You can always monetize a big audience.

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2. Be different

The typical length of a Joe Rogan interview is 1-3 hours. This is an ENORMOUS amount of time. Joe specifically wanted to create LONG form videos where guests could share their thoughts and speak freely. From your end try NEW things. New formats, videos, everything. This is how you can find your magic.

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3. Great things take time

Joe Rogan started his YouTube channel in 2013 and signed to Spotify in 2020. Thus, his channel took 7 years. BUT .. he started his TV career in 1994. That’s 26 years. Be patient. 10 years from today YOU could be the leading figure in your space.

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4. Stick to your beliefs

Joe has been in hot water many times over his comments. BUT, he continues to speak his mind and never holds back. From your end BE YOURSELF. Don’t hide who you are. Many creators hold back and this prevents the audience from truly connecting with them.

Never give up.

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