3 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel Through IGTV

For more than ten years, YouTube has been the most popular platform for creators to share their video content. However, other platforms, such as Vine and Musical.ly, have served as places for these creators to share shorter, more frequent content that directs new viewers to their YouTube channels. Instagram’s latest feature serves a similar purpose.

IGTV allows users to create channels and upload videos. Since its release, several YouTubers have been posting exclusive videos to their IGTV channels in order to supplement their YouTube content. This new platform allows them to experiment and reach a new audience.

Here are three ways to promote your YouTube channel through IGTV.

1. Create your own experimental series.

If there’s a series you’ve always want to make but weren’t sure if it fit with your YouTube content, then IGTV is your chance to give it a go. Because your IGTV videos don’t affect your YouTube income, there’s no need to worry about losing money if the video doesn’t do as well as you’d hoped. However, if the series does especially well on IGTV, then you can consider moving it to your YouTube channel.

Vlogger Gabbie Hanna was among the first to upload her own content to IGTV. Her new series “Giving Up With Gabbie” is available exclusively through Instagram. Many of her followers are excited about the extra videos on top of Gabbie’s usual YouTube uploads.

2. Share clips of your upcoming YouTube videos.

IGTV videos tend to be shorter than YouTube videos. Use this to your benefit by editing a short trailer or a clip of your next YouTube video for IGTV. Be sure to put the link to the full video in your Instagram bio.

When vlogger Ricky Dillon announced his new show with AwesomenessTV, he made the announcement on Twitter after sharing a clip on his IGTV channel.

3. Share behind-the-scenes content.

Use IGTV to take your viewers on the other side of the camera. Create your own behind-the-scenes snippets to upload in order to tease upcoming YouTube videos. Alternatively, you can upload behind-the-scenes videos that wouldn’t necessarily fit with your YouTube content.

While British vloggers Daniel Howell and Phil Lester are touring the world, they’ve shared their journey with their audience through Instagram stories. However, when they finally got their tour bus in the US, Dan shared a bus tour video on Twitter and IGTV.

Creating an IGTV channel is a great way to promote and supplement your YouTube videos. Try a few of these ideas to turn your Instagram followers into YouTube subscribers.

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