3 Vloggers Every YouTuber Should Learn From

One of the best ways to improve your videos is by learning from good examples. Vloggers are a great example for any content creatos because they know how to make any average day into an exciting video. The following three YouTubers have built up successful channels by simply talking to a camera about their daily experiences.

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1. FunForLouis

When it comes to travel vlogging, Louis Cole is definitely at the top. His editing style is both unique and appealing. The length of his videos is also very reasonable, with each one ranging around fifteen minutes.

If there’s anything to take away from FunForLouis’ videos, it’s the way he edits around the music. Like most vloggers, he uses music from Soundcloud (with permission from the artist, of course), and the music always fits in perfectly with his clips. For example, when he traveled in Namibia, he used safari-themed electronic music. He also makes very clean edits, such as cutting the music off when he shuts his car door, or making a section of the music sound muffled when he films underwater.

So, if you’re looking to try travel vlogging, FunForLouis is a great person to watch and learn from. It is also important to note that he didn’t jump right into vlogging with expensive equipment. Three years ago, he used his cell phone, then upgraded to a digital camera, finally upgrading to Canons and 360 cameras as his channel grew.

2. Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat’s channel is more of a daily vlog-style concept. Unlike FunForLouis, his vlogs aren’t devoted to traveling; rather, he films his daily “adventures.” Although he isn’t going to a different country every week, he is doing something that he finds interesting, so he just films day-in-the-life videos.

What makes his videos really appealing is, once again, the editing style. Anyone can film himself driving around the city and eating with friends. However, it takes the real creativity and skill of a content creator to carve art from these clips.

Like FunForLouis, Casey Neistat uses music from Soundcloud and editing tricks to bring color to his videos. He also experiments with different angles of filming, such as putting his camera on his booster board when he skates around town. Furthermore, he tells it like it is; he is very direct to his viewers and doesn’t make any unnecessary points. This makes his videos and his character very real and relatable.

The best thing about Casey Neistat’s vlogs is that he takes the ordinary, such as his family, his past, and his work; and he makes it extraordinary.

3. Danisnotonfire

Unlike the first two YouTubers, Dan Howell’s style is not so much the aesthetics of video editing as it is narrating stories. He sits in front of a camera and talks about experiences that are funny and relatable.

For example, many of his videos are about embarrassing moments he’s had, and viewers find this very funny and connect very well to this type of content. As with viral videos, once someone finds Danisnotonfire’s content relatable and hilarious, he or she will share it amongst friends, and the videos will continue to spread this way.

By taking a look at these YouTube channels, you can learn how to improve your own channel and how to think about the direction you want to go in. Create content you’re proud of and draw inspiration from those who have succeeded.

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