3 Unique Places to Promote Your Videos

Most of your YouTube video promotion takes place on social media. You tweet, share, and post every video. However, you could reach even more potential viewers with these three unique places to promote your videos.

1. Add pop-ups to your website.

If you run a blog or website, then pop-ups are a great way to promote your videos. The simple add can link visitors to your videos or ask them to subscribe. When you add a pop-up to your website, then everyone who visits will know about your videos.

Watch this video to learn how to add a pop-up box to your website.

2. Write a blog related to your video content.

If you don’t already write a blog, then you should definitely consider it. Writing a blog related to your video content will strengthen your credentials as an expert. Better yet, you can embed your videos in each and every blog post. You could even write a post to go with every new video.

Check out this video to learn more about creating a successful blog.

3. Participate in Internet forums.

The best audience to promote your videos to is an audience who is already interested in your video content. Internet forums are an ideal place to find like-minded people who will want to watch your videos. Join a few forums that fall under the same umbrella as your videos, such as makeup review forums for beauty vloggers or Minecraft forums for gamers. Then, interact with other users and tell them about your videos.

This video will teach you how to grow your channel with forums.

YouTube video promotion reaches far beyond social media. Promote your videos with website pop-ups, a blog related to your video content, and Internet forum participation to bring in lots of new viewers.

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