3 Things Your Music Website Needs to Have

A music website is the most important online promotion tool for an artist. This will be the first thing a label will search up when looking to sign an artist, and also the first thing that will come up when people google your musician name.

Here are three things every music website needs.

1) Music samples and tracks for download, and events you’re playing at. The first place a fan will check to get updated on what you’re doing is your music website. Make sure they can get the information they need or your fan may lose interest.

2) Front page features your latest music video or album art. Give your music website the visual experience of your new content, since pictures and videos draw much more engagement than text.

3) A link on all your pages to buy your songs. The easier it is for someone to buy your song the more likely they’ll do it. Don’t shove a buy link in your visitors face, instead keep a button on the side.

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