3 Theories On Ideal Video Length

The truth is, there is no single ideal video length. However, many experts and creators have their own theories on how long a YouTube video should be in order to reach its maximum potential of success.

Below are three theories you can use to determine your own ideal video length.

1. Many vloggers believe the ideal video length is around ten minutes.

For the past few years, many creators have determined that ten minutes is the ideal video length. Videos around or exceeding ten minutes tend to do well in the platform’s video ranking algorithm.

Not only are ten-minute videos good for watch time, but they’re also better for monetization. Only videos over ten minutes long can have midroll ads, which can increase your revenue from the video.

2. Studies have shown the ideal length is six to eight minutes.

A lot of viewers prefer to watch a lot of short videos instead of a single super long video. It’s like going to a buffet and trying a little bit of everything instead ordering a single entree. Short videos are more binge-able, which can increase overall watch time.

According to Think Media, the ideal video length should be six to eight minutes. This is long enough to get your point across without losing your viewers’ attention. Videos that you want to be longer can be broken up into multiple parts.

3. The best answer for you depends on your average view duration and watch time.

Average view duration is the average amount of time each viewer spent watching your video. Watch time is the overall amount of time people watched it. Both of these factors determine how long of a video your viewers are willing to watch.

In a YouTube Creators master class, Today I Found Out’s Simon Whistler shared his theory that your ideal video length depends on both your average view duration and your watch time. Therefore, the “sweet spot” for a perfect video length is entirely based on your individual channel’s metrics.

The ideal video length varies from channel to channel because it depends on how long of a video your audience is willing to watch. Experiment with different video lengths and watch how your average view duration changes.

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